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LFG Roleplay heavy!

Stat block: Me: -23 year old male with Monday-Friday Job in Germany -Clear on rules for Pathfinder -Various RPG experience (Forum, LARP, Pen and Paper, now roll20) Mostly Fantasy (some Vampire the Mascarade), recently almost exclusively Pahtfinder -Ready to learn any system Must haves: -RP focused game (at very least 1:1 rp to crunch ratio) Preferably: -video chat -fantasy setting -low to mid on the power scale (i.e. extra talented, not superhuman) -use of macros / api as approriate (e.g. for speeding up math part of combat to have more time to do the "aaarg! I'm hit... I think I can see my intestines! *cough* ouhfff... *colapse on ground, holding hand on stomach*" part of combat) -use of tokens/maps (for positioning-logic, unless system doesn't require it or GM is great at explaining situations verbally) -dynamic lighting/sounds I'm currently working on finding out what styles of games I like the most so I've been trying different things (all within Pathfinder), but sofar I just kept ending up GMing... (Actually itching to be a player again for once) - and I found myself rolling my eyes at people who ask things like "can I have this controversial trait/feat/thingy?" as their first questions and not the setting/hook. The story and the characters are most important to me. A few times lately I've asked myself if Pathfinder might perhaps (despite the many many hours of energy I pumped into it) not be the right system for me. - I'm willing to learn any other system you're playing - and even any other setting - if your group is wanting to make a good story a priority. Ideally I'd like to play with video - with other players who also enjoy roleplaying - in a setting where we can start out weak-ish, but being able to use things beyond stats and dice to solve problems at hand... to me this means roleplay shouldn't just be "fluff" but have the potential to effect the world, as decided intuitively as the situation demands. I'm also interested in working with api. I'm new to it (haven't made any yet but learned to use some) - but I'd still be willing to help the GM with it if they don't know their way around with them yet. If the GM isn't a mentor I'd be willing to create a campaign and make them GM of it. - As a GM myself I'm familiar with keeping character knowledge and player knowledge separate. I'm willing to help with making dynamic lighting for maps etc. - but I'd also really appreciate to be on the receiving end of being somewhere and just actually not knowing what's behind the next corner. I'm also good with artsy stuff, so I can help with tokens or such if needed.
After reading this, Pathfinder isn't the right system for you. I would suggest a more rule light system. I run a Fate Core game on Friday (very rule light), for you it starts at 7pm if my math is right (my longest running player is from Germany). However, I don't meet your other specifications because I am heavy theatre of the mind, and don't use heavy map base games to allow much more open world exploration and problem solving. I can't use the API either. If you are willing to overlook this, we might be able to work this out.
If you are still interested in Pathfinder, check out my game. It seems right up your ally. The only incompatibility I see is that I am new to roll20 and online GMing, so some of the technical aspects I don't know how to do yet. If I had a player willing to teach me that'd be great. Anyway, here's the link. Read it over and decide if you want to join. Applications due by Friday. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
You can always come play Shadows of Esteren with me. The game fits your criteria, it is mostly focused on roleplaying and treats the characters as very human. It is horror but it does take place in a pseudo dark ages. It is a low fantasy setting, there is magic but it is rare and definitely wondrous and potent. Rules are easy to learn there is a link there to the pdf Book 0- Prologue which has all the basic rules in it. If you're interested. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...

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Wow! I'm very happy about the replies sofar! - If I could I'd love to testplay all of your games, because I won't be able to do 3 games a week. But it seems people are often very attached to players committing to the game before they even know if the styles match - so is it possible to maybe talk about the game before hand, or run a short scene/situation so I can get a feel for it? (Just found out with Sheph that's actually sort of what the first session is for - getting to know one another, the setting etc. :) great!) However, Michael P. your game seems to be weekdays in evening at est-5, I think germany is +1, so that puts me 6 hours into your future - which makes it late night for me, which isn't compatible to playing on weekdays... - Thanks for you'r consideration though! If you ever run a game in your afternoon (my evening thus when I get home from work) or on a weekend I'd like to play! MMoM I'd be interested to join! Do you have a link to the game? - Api and tokens/maps were a "would be nice" not a requirement, and the latter only if the system benefits from them (i.e. pathfinder does because of Attacks of Opportunity's etc.) I'm very curious to see how Fate would feel. Sheph, I'd also like to join yours! Application will be going out shortly! Afterall pathfinder is the devil I know (and care for a lot). 6E is right up my alley indeed. - very willing to teach api, but also I wouldn't push the issue. I just like pointing out cool things, and will support you in getting them going if you need help :)