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Looking for 3-4 players to test some ideas for the new Sci-Fi/Action game "Drift" today.

The setting is an ancient wasteland planet which most denizens simple refer to as the Drift. The players are part of a group of survivors from a ship that impacted the planet after a hyperspace malfunction. The surface of the planet is littered with many such wrecks, but few survivors. Those that have managed to stay alive find themselves in a desperate struggle for the few available resources, and access to the ever shifting water table. Skirmishes over oasis, wells, and the occasional new wreck are the order of the day. New resource points are fought over by various factions. The road trains that create supply lines between bases and newly captured strategic points are under constant attack by raiders. Strange jungle environments appear and must be explored immediately whenever a time rift makes a temporary pass nearby before they vanish again. Ancient ruins are occasionally discovered when a storm shifts millennial dune ranges. I'd like to start around 6 EST today (about 3 hours from this post) if anyone's interested in having some fun and not taking things to seriously as I try out different things to see what works well. I'm going with very loose rules to see what "feels right" for the setting and am going to be open to suggestions. First come first served for the Technomage (a cross between a starcraft warp prism, medivac, and high templar), but everyone else is free to choose between soldier (hard frontline fighter with a wide range of weaponry) and Exo-Jockey (remote machine operators who stay in sensory deprivation vats on the ship, and assume manual control of robotic avatars and various multipurpose drones while "Possessing" technological equipment when possible).
I'm interested though I've never heard of the game.
Oops, I thought I made sure to mention that I'm currently developing it, and trying to mess around with some things to see what people like.
I have another friend who may be interested in joining, so if you would like to join the adventure then that makes two players so far. :)
I'd love to help you test it out, but I am playtesting a mechanic for a game myself at 6 est. If you can push it back to 645ish (I can't imagine my thing taking longer than 30 minutes, but wouldn't want to hold up your group at all), I'd be down to help out. If not, no worries.
Oh, sure. It will probably take that long just to get everybody in and start sorting things out.
I'll be popping in and out for a bit, but here's the code for the lobby if anyone wants to hop in ahead of time so I can get a running head count. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Running a little long - be on there in about 10, if i'm still wanted
sure sure no trouble
are you going to run another session anytime I'm interested, I forgot you said est.
Sorry guy -- light kept flickering on and off for a few minutes -- turned off all the the electronics.
Yeah, I'll run one again soon. Hopefully I'll have something more concrete figured out by then. @Frank, no worries bro. I figured from the way you were talking that you might have had a power out or something.
I would like to join this.
I would like to join, also. Though my week days do seem pretty full.
I'm busy filling out paperwork for my upcoming co-op job, but I'm out of class (for the year if everything goes according to plan), and I'm going to try and do a little something with this on either Wed or Thurs in the evening (Somewhere between 5 and 12pm Eastern Time). If anyone's interested then let me know. ^_^