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Changing resolution to more than 70x70 pixels / grid square

I read somewhere that you can change it but don't see a way to do it. How can I set it up so that the grid is more than 70 pixels per square?
Sheet Author
Hi Julix. AFAIK, you can't actually change the native grid resolution of 70x70px ( Roll20 Image Dimensions ). You can change page size, scale and grid however, so that 1 square can equal a larger/smaller measurement. What are you trying to do?
I was intending to change the part where it says "1 unit = 70 pixel" - good to know that's not possible. so I would just have to have say twice as many units and make the figures twice as big and then change the scale to 2.5 feet per gridsquare for same effect minus players being able to move half a square.
You can work it like that. That's how I run my campaign, in 140px grid squares. It will calculate the distances exactly, if you set the measurements to 3.5/Pathfinder, so that one diagonal will calculate as 7.5 feet.
Sheet Author
The page size, scale and grid are quite flexible. If you play around with it a bit it should make sense on how it will affect your map. I pay attention to the 70x70px resolution when I create maps outside of roll20. If I know I want my map to fit in "X" amount of squares, I make sure I am designing my external maps resolution accordingly. So, if I want my map to fit within a 10x10 roll20 grid/map, I would design my map to be 700x700px and it would fit 1:1 Of course, you can always design using a larger image, but sticking to the ratio is important to avoid distortion and expedites map alignment.

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The Aaron
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If you are creating your own art assets, you may find this wiki page useful: Image Best Practices for Roll20 <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
There is one thing you need to remember when you are creating tokens and such also, for a grid of 140x140 (scale of 2) -- your base unit for everything, becomes 140, instead of 70. So any API script you might use that depends on grid size, if it says 70, change it to 140. Additionally, with tokens, the scale is 140x1 (140x140), 140x2 (280x280), 140x3 (420x420), etc. For tokens, I generally make everything a size larger than I need, in case they need to be resized because of a spell or something like that. Granted, I make my own character/monster tokens, so it's a little easier that way, but still.