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Drawing a "card" from teh deck completely scramble my map, and I can't fix it

KS Backer
I tried to drag a card from a deck onto the tabletop, and about half the items (mostly drawings and text) on my map layer moved. That included the main background image, which has moved a way down and to the right, so that most of it is out of the map area. I can't select it to move it back.
KS Backer
Okay, I enlarged the page to the point where I could select the main background image, dragged it back to its correct position, and sent it back to the back of the z-order. Most of the other damage seems to be the re-appearance of drawings that either I deleted or that had somehow ended up behind the background image. I've deleted them, and everything is okay. Still, dragging a card off a deck shouldn't do that.
KS Backer
Woah, that seems like a bad thing. I'll make sure the devs take a look.
Just a comment on the re-appearance of drawings... I've had that happen a couple times where I'll accidentally delete something and use CTRL-Z to undo only to have not only that thing reappear but also some of the drawings I'd already deleted. It can get kind of messy.