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Expanded Text Tool: Outlined Font

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The world maps and other overworld maps in many games are often multicoloured. What this means is if you decide to use say red as your font colour to write on the map, half the time the letters will blend into the background. You can run into the same problem even with a mostly black and white map, if you use lots of different colours to differentiate information. What I would love to see is the ability to write in automatically outlined text. Basically just adding a second colour box to the text tool allowing you to keep the outline "transparent" (so, off) or pick a colour that allows you to make text with contrasting outlines, making it all that much easier to read.

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Roll20 Mod Team
Nice idea. I agree about the troubles with labeling maps, due to colors. A workaround technique (not great but it's something, for now) you can use the Shape tool to put a black or white box, then add your text label on top of the box. Also recommend using the last Font choice in the list of fonts you can use here, the bottom font is the most bold and is somewhat italic, so it stands out best for map labels but still sometimes has the problem of overlapping colors that you mentioned.
Running across this problem all the time. Outlined Font is a simple and effective solution, would love to see this added. +1
Was literally just looking for this. +1
This would definitely be super useful. I hope this get some visibility!
+1 this would be amazing, however Gold's solution of an black outlined white box behind black text works amazingly.
Totally agree
+1 /bump
Bump, please implement >:(
3 years old and still such a low hanging fruit :( this got my vote 
The closest thing I have come to a workaround is to put the text in twice, one time black and another time white. But the white just over the black but a little bit more up and to the left. It's effective enough, but having to do it every time and changing it when needed is annoying... +1
+1 on this please. It would make formatting maps so much easier without having to do it in a third party program.
Tony R.
Sheet Author
Yes, this would save a ton of time when I set up maps. +1!