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New UK player Looking for a weekly Pathfinder group, availible almost 24/7.

I have recently bought the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and am looking to play for the first time. As it stand's I can play pretty much anytime 24/7 but this may change in the coming weeks. I would prefer a slightly more RP group to a combat oriented group. If you need anymore information, and are looking for a new player, just post a comment and I'll post it in.
Really? No-one?
Not what you're looking for, however, If you wanted to try some Lovecraftian Horror, I might be able to help?
Yeah sure, that'd be cool.
Im in need of some players in which Pathfinder is the specific ruleset by which we will be playing,just send me a comment back and we can set up someting
If you want to try Lovecraftian Horror the thread at UK Roleplayers will have the details: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I have one other player interested so far.
I've just joined the UK Roleplayers forum, But I'd be good for a good Lovecraftian game. I'll also like to take Chris up on his offer.
thats great,Murgh if you would also like to invite me to your lovecraftain game,i am well versed in classic call of cthulu and call of cthulu d20
More than happy for both of you to play. The game is tremulus a Lovecraftian Horror game based on the Apocalypse World system. If I could ask you to register your interest in the UKRPs thread, it will keep everyone interested in the same thread. Thanks Phil
Can I throw myself in as well? ;)
Ok i live in America but i could still keep up with the games as i would just have to make sure my whole day was clear. So I should be okay to play as long as you set it sometime in the afternoon, which is usually game time lol.
Sheet Author
I'd love to join you! I'm in UK and am a newbie as well.