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Copy & Paste: Top+Left, Not Middle

Currently, if you grab a group of tokens, copy them and paste them - Roll20 puts the MIDDLE of the group that you copied at the place where the mouse is and arranges them around this middle. To place a copy with any accuracy, you have to then remember about how big that group was, guess about where the middle is and then paste. (A) If you haven't figured out that method, you end up with part of your group being off the map (B) It's too hard to accurately put things where you want. It would be better if the paste function, put the TOP + LEFT corner of the group where the mouse was and then positioned them from there. Example: You highlight a bunch of PC tokens and want to move them to the top + left of a new map. It would be much easier to just click the top+left of the map and do a paste. If you do that on the current version, half of your group ends up off the top and off the left side of the map. Instead you have to remember about how big you group is, eyeball about half the size of the group, and put your mouse in and down that far before pasting.
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Good observation, and request. I have had surprises of Pasting and some things landed off-the-map, out-of-view, so I know what you're saying.
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