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Draw Shape: Color Choice Not Sticking

On the Token Layer: Select Draw Shape Color is Orange, change it to black Select Freehand - Color is orange. Select Draw Shape - Color is back to orange. Shouldn't it be on black - the last color I selected? Strangely, on the Map layer it works differently: Select Draw Shape Color is Orange, change it to black. Select Freehand. Color is now black. Maybe that's OK though I think each tool should have a default color not that they all share one. Select Draw Shape - Color remains black. Works as expected on this layer.
Stephen Koontz
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Your default color is the same as your player color. I.E. if your player color (the same as when you ping, next to your camera) is orange, it's going to default to that color when you draw.
Good to know and a good way to set the default, thanks, but the program should leave the color alone once you select something. Not keep changing it back on it's own.