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Friday 2/6/15 Session Report


Edited 1423680638
Total XP and Gold earned this session was 47,390xp and 9,134gp The following is a breakdown of who earned what due to leaving/joining at different times: Gorg 3,613xp and 388gp Violet 3,613xp and 388gp Lorielle 2,920xp and 1,003gp Lucian 5,683xp and 1,021gp Breeze 5,683xp and 1,021gp Ramkus 6,283xp and 1,141gp Everyone else 6,533xp and 1,391gp ************************************************************************************************************** Participating Players: Ondraedon/Fred (Cleric), Curtis/John (Mage), Breeze/Hayden (Mage), Emery/Blaze (Thief), Ramkus/Rich (Cleric), Gorg/Kevin (Fighter), Violet/Amanda (Fighter), Lucian/Chris (Mage), Lorielle/James (Mage) - 9 Players Participating NPCs: Lorna, Gryphon, Tombalku, Halbert, Borbo, Elberon - 6 NPCs Players at start: Ondraedon, Curtis, Breeze, Emery, Ramkus, Lucian, Gorg, Violet NPCs at start: Lorna, Gryphon killed level 9 necromancer, 5 level 1 magic-users, 16 HD Earth Elemental looted Wand of cold(16 charges)(cone area is 60 ft range, 30 feet wide, 6d6 damage, save for half, if failed frozen for one turn, if failed and killed turned to solid ice) [(Old loot) wand left with the wizard was identified as Wand of Fireballs, 6d6 damage fireballs, 28 charges] killed 14 1 HD Pirates killed 144 1 HD Orcs, 26 1 HD Orcs surrendered, 1 10 HD Orc Lord 3100 Gold from the Orcs caravan Gorg, Violet & Gryphon left Lorielle, Tombalku, Borbo & Halbert join Payers at this point: Ondraedon, Curtis, Breeze, Emery, Ramkus, Lucian, Lorielle NPCs at this point: Lorna, Tombalku, Halbert, Borbo killed 3 level 5 Thaumaturges looted 1000 silver, 6 rings(need pricing) , wand of illusion(22 charges), ring of human control(1/day)(Allows the user to control 1-8 humanoids, if they make their saves: unaffected, if they fail save: complete(?), range is 60 feet), Ring of Spell Turning, Boots of Levitation killed 1 6+3 HD Troll*** looted 1 gold from chest in room with supposedly dead trolls. Other loot inside was colored sand, non-magical, we left it behind. Lucian, Borbo, Breeze & Halbert leave Elberon joins Payers at this point: Ondraedon, Curtis, Emery, Ramkus, Lorielle NPCs at this point: Lorna, Tombalku, Elberon killed 2 6 HD Giant Squids, drove 2 Giant Squids away 100 gp/xp awarded to each player who participated in slaying the Giant Squids (Shoud already be accounted for by all present) Ramkus & Lorna leave Payers at this point: Ondraedon, Curtis, Emery, Lorielle NPCs at this point: Tombalku, Elberon 600 gp for selling squid tentacles 1000 gp for Curtis casting Rock to Mud for some constables
So gang I'm going to stop by Martin's shop in Strongmoor to get his prices on healing potions. Ramkus and I can only memorize a few Cure Light Wounds, and I typically only memorize 1 Cure Serious Wounds (because it's level 4 and there are other interesting spells at that level). In party loot we have 10 2d6 healing potions, I think it's time we spread them amongst the party members and utilized them in serious incidents. Last night we burned through the Cure Light Wounds really fast. Heck I took 22 damage from the lightning bolts in that hallway. We had some players down a lot of HP and Ramkus and I just didn't have enough spells to sling. We're encountering some creatures that are hitting us for some serious damage. A lot of people in the party have a high enough HP to take some hits, but we're limited on the means to fix the big hits. So if the price is right, I will buy a lot of potions to bring along to supplement the spells. If the price is high, maybe we can start setting aside a cut from the overall loot to cover the purchase of the potions? In other news... holy crap we laid waste to a small orc army! Our magic users and fighters were slaying them like they were nothing! And the area around the cave is secure. We still have to figure out how to get the troll out of there, but it's pretty much ours now. And I learned to never, ever talk to a squid. They are just not that interesting...
And they DO NOT shut the hell up.

Edited 1423365716
I'm in support of using party loot to replenish a store of potions before splitting gold. Could you try to be back in Whaletown (what the streets of Strongmoor are calling Stilt Town) on Tuesday for the tongues thing please, Freddy? I'll be busy learning Polymorph Other until then, and wouldn't want you to have to use a high level spell before an excursion. I hope 3 days is enough for Curtis to get his party started. Steven, what type of saving throw would be used for mental checks when casting Polymorph other on a player? Ich hab keine idee.
I don't know if Martin will sell potions to adventurers, I mean, he might for Ondraedon since he has a good reputation, not sure. But he evidently hates adventurers, dunno why. I seriously do hope Curtis doesn't kill or drive Martin out of bussiness for the sake of thieves and Aurum learning alchemy and intending to eventually learn from him, and the whole party losing out on being able to buy potions from him in the future. Either through Ondraedon's or someone else's rep or Aurum will most likely be on good terms with the Alchemist's Guild when he finishes his training.
I want to see what happens if Aurum steps into Ka'Gron's bag of transmute. If our gold isn't good enough for Martin, it isn't like we're losing out on any opportunity by tweaking his pompous ears a little.
If Martin isn't selling potions to adventurers then he is absolutely useless and should not even be in business. Ondraedon is offended that his traveling companions were treated like crap. These are my brothers and sisters and they have equal standing as I. Why should we give Martin any gold? Perhaps we should get our potions else where, a day trip to Amon Sin to find an alchemist who will respect the people out there risking their lives and appreciate the items the party is bringing in for use in alchemy?
Maybe? I think we can get use out of the guy just not for a bit, I think Steve doesn't want us able to buy potions right now. But I mean if what Curtis does to Martin just knocks him down a peg and makes him have to sell to adventurers to stay in bussiness, I'd be okay with that.
If not selling us potions for adventuring reasons is the only goal, closing the shop for renovations, or having Martin be hired in personal service to the King would have accomplished that. Martin was a prick.
What is more cost effective? Cure Light Wound scrolls or Potions?
Scrolls can only be used by Clerics, potions can be used by anyone. So scrolls can/will be generally cheaper, but potions can be quickly used while we're chasing a dude or/maybe you can back off out of the fight for a small heal to roar back into melee.
Cure Light Wounds (1d6+1) is a level 1 spell. 333 per scroll. Cure Serious Wounds (2d6+2) is a level 4 spell. 2667 per scroll. Waiting to get the quote from Martin on the potions.
A decent thief could read the scrolls as well.
OK ya'll... Martin does not have any healing potions, but I have left him my last one so he can research it. Here is what he does have available: [Thief/MU] Powder of Unconsciousness [Thief/MU] Dust of Death [Thief/MU] Tanglefoot Nuts [Thief/MU] Magic Acorn [Thief/MU] Dust of Disappearance [Thief/MU] Dust of Paralyzation [Thief/MU] Dust of Sneezing [Thief/MU] Dust of Appearance [Thief/MU] Dust of Sneezing and Choking [Thief/MU] Oil of Slipping Diminuation Potions Plant Control Potions Cure Poison Potions Clairvoyance Potions (made to order) Speed Potions (made to order) Love Potions (made to order) Put your orders in with me and next time I get to Strongmoor I will swing by and pick something up for you. Put in In the meantime I will grab as many healing scrolls as I can afford, well not that many, but a lot!

Edited 1423508942
Is there a description of these? And prices? Some of them do sound good, but I mean Oil already is slippery, so how is Oil of Slipping different? Marketing ploy? Tanglefoot Nuts sound good, I presume they're like Tanglefoot bags from 3.5? Throw them at someone/thing and a sticky substance comes out binding their legs/arms/whatever together and making them fall? But like dust of death/unconciousness/paralyzation/sneezing, I presume these are like blow it at someone and they get a save or be dead/unconcious/paralyzed/sneezing? WTF is a "Magic Acorn"? Does Dust of Disappearance act like the invisibility spell? Gonna assume Dust of appearance dispels invisibility? Are Speed Potions like potions of Haste? Are Love Potions like potions of Charm Person? Also, he makes Potions of Longevity for the nobles, shouldn't he have those made to order too?
Scratch that... Martin is an ass and I refuse to do any further business with him! We will have to seek out the potions elsewhere. I hope nothing but the worst for him!
> Martin is an ass... I hope nothing but the worst for him! Lol and Malifoi may be able to arrange that :)

Edited 1423524162
Bangarang Curtis! Malifoi may want to avoid becoming involved in the goings on surrounding Martin, unless he has gained specific knowledge of the plans. Wouldn't want one of our own caught in the mix.
I must say, I have no idea what you are insinuating! I'm remaining in Strongmoor for personal reasons that have nothing to do with this Martin person you speak of.
Meh, Malifoi talks the talk, but rarely walks the walk.
Of course not. You were seen often with Ondraedon, looking into purchasing ships.
Due to certain... Events, Ondraedon is going to be detained awaiting trial (We've already rolled it out, so don't stress over it) till the session after Wednesday. Curtis is returning to Stilt Town to let you goons know what's going on.
Hoooo boy. I knew I didn't trust cities.
Erik, my warrior/mage/elf from Durthos has heard of the whale meat in Stilt Town and ventured there to give it a try. I'm probably going to lose a bunch of xp since I am so low and will level quickly, but I can switch between fighter and mage to help balance it out.
John T. said: Due to certain... Events, Ondraedon is going to be detained awaiting trial (We've already rolled it out, so don't stress over it) till the session after Wednesday. Curtis is returning to Stilt Town to let you goons know what's going on. Well, that's not cryptic at all.
Kevin the Barbarian
Sheet Author
API Scripter
I feel like I'm missing some gaming sessions or something. Was there something scheduled that I missed?
Downtime activities/adventures. Turns out what Freddy wanted to do ended badly or goodly depending on how you look at it. If they want I can post the adventure, otherwise they can just tell you what they want you to know.
Ah, and in case I don't complete the price lists for advertising/hiring soldiers and servants and construction costs, I will be retro-actively implementing any decisions you guys make about the stronghold so as not to penalize you.
Kevin the Barbarian
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Ah, ok. Guess my downtime activities weren't that exciting :P. They can just explain it to us in-game if they want. It just sounded like a lot went on so thought I missed something.

Edited 1423590739
OK... so Ondraedon went to see Martin about the price of healing potions. Here is the gist of the conversation: Martin - "Ah welcome, I usually do not do business with those not of the nobility, but my servant recently fell ill and your temple was able to help. I suppose it won't hurt to let you look around and buy something this once, but give me a moment..." The shopkeeper moves from behind his counter and closes and locks the front door of the store, switching his sign to "closed". "It won't do to have any of my clientele see me doing business with you, you understand," the shopkeeper says. Me - Holding out a Healing Potion, "This is very important to my party and equally so to any adventurer in the area. This could mean a boon to your business if it works well. However, I must say that I am rather put off by your treatment of my co-adventurers when we came to you a few days ago. A magic user in my group attempted to sell you items that you could use in your alchemy and you turned him away and treated him and in turn myself as a common dog. We have slain vampires, laid waste to a small orc army, we have rescued children from pirates and even delivered an entire whale to the citizens of Stilt Town. I don't know what sort of "adventurer" you are used to dealing with, but it would behoove you to treat the people that are trying to do business with you in a better manner. That being said, are there any ingredients you need that my party and I should seek out? We spend a great deal of time traveling through wilderness and in other not so pleasant places. Perhaps if we bring you some items you may find that a business relationship with our party would be beneficial." Martin - "Those of low station should know their place. Do you think I have attained such success by slaying dragons and associating with hobbit, elf, and dwarf trash? No, I perfected my art and cultivated a reputation with the Urchin Isle nobility as someone who provides a very sought after commodity only to the most rarefied of men. If they saw me dealing with adventurers or peasants they would think me a common snakeoil salesman. If you were perhaps of notable standing in the Church or a high ranking general, I might be convinced to sell to you on a regular basis." Taking the potion Martin examines the contents, swirling it around. "Yes, I think I may be able to duplicate this formula if you are willing to shoulder my research costs. I estimate it would take about 1000 gold per week of research, paid up front, and it should take me no more than 5 weeks to complete at most, although I suspect I can do it in far less time. This potion will be used up of course by my research." "I already have several reliable suppliers for my needs, but I may have some work for some adventurers such as yourself now that I think about it," Martin says as he grins in a suspicious manner. Me - I take my potion back, "No matter the price it is too high to deal with the likes of you. We will seek out our needs elsewhere. My companions are my brethren, and I refuse to let a nobody talk to me this way. I am the appointed Archbishop of Stilt Town and the Island of Baalor, you would have done well to have treated me with more respect! All that I know and encounter will be told this is a shoddy business with a pretentious owner and that it should be avoided. I would wish you a good day, but in truth I wish nothing but a curse fall upon you and your establishment." *** So at that point I tried to leave, but the door was locked. Martin blew a purple powder in my face, I was able to save, but I was still a little woozy from it. I attempted to subdue Martin with a shield bash, but he was able to fend me off with his GROTESQUELY DISFIGURED RIGHT ARM COVERED IN PURPLE REPTILIAN SCALES. As I recovered and got to my feet I was given the most pleasant hug from his golem. I was able to struggle out by rolling up a 39 on 8d6 (and I've had to make multiple saving throws by now). Martin has moved behind the counter and is struggling with a crowbar to open something, but it's as if some unseen force is keeping it closed. As I plan to either escape by bashing through the door, or leaping out a window, the door is burst in and some local law enforcement take me into custody. I speak very little, and make no effort to resist the arrest. The LEO were notified by Curtis, who just happened to be passing by and glanced in a window and saw the incident. I was accused of blackmail, trespassing and destruction of property. Basically I am in jail for 8 days awaiting a court appearance that was already determined by a roll of the dice. Curtis gathered up Fingal (our friendly litigation trickster) and he "made a donation to the clerk", I was able to get the trial moved from the Merchant Court to the Canon Court (for holy types). The dice were good to me and in the end Martin has to pay me 11,000gp, half of that went to the court and John gets the 5500gp from the other half since he saved my rear and bribed the court in my favor. OOC - look I know some people in the party are "working" with Martin, so I'm not going to blow that. I'm going to let this drop for now so I don't ruin something other party members have going on. Martin was willing to take my up on my offer to gather material for him, and Steven semi-let-it-be-known that if we took him up on that it would be interesting. So if anyone else dealing with him already wants to look into this, feel free, but definitely do not mention my name. And ALWAYS make sure someone knows when you are going to his shop so someone is looking for you to return!

Edited 1423596214
Wow, I did not think Martin would attack, but I told you guys he had a purple scaled arm. On the plus side, in a few months when Aurum has finished all his Alchemist training he'll be able to make potions and stuff for you guys. But he won't be able to adventure when making ones that take more than 1 week, which is most of them... So it's probably good our band of adventurers don't have a name now, people won't know we are nessessarily assossiated.
Thea laughs to herself when you mention Martin.
We're gonna need xp/gold real soon, isn't the game tonight? Or is it?
Game is tonight. I need to put up the xp/gold.
Kevin the Barbarian
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I most likely won't be making it tonight. If I don't, I'll see everyone Friday or next Wed.
Norm miss game too
Me too.
Does anyone know if I actually handed out xp for the squids? I don't think I did.
You didn't, just told us to put the 100 gp/xp for the captain's handout, but not for the actual squid xp no.
My numbers at the top of the original post should be accurate then.
Hey, I've got another quick question. Does anyone know who was hit by those magic missiles in the Necromancer encounter? Or who was caught in the lightning bolts and fireball thrown by the Thaumaturgists? I can't exactly remember who was up close and in melee with the Thaumaturgists. If you were caught in one, speak up. I don't care about companions/hirelings though.
I was hit by both lightning bolts in the palace (not the fire/illusion). Delayed them so Curtis' hydra could get off a shot. Sort of thing a hero would do ya know! They knocked me down to 18hp, though. So we're not going to make that a frequent thing...
That hydra was scary, really scary. I want one as a pet!
Shame it was one and done! Imagine if you had rolled it up against that orc convoy... we all could have just sat back and enjoyed the show. Hey Gorg... did you retrieve the "Light Bolt" from that orc or just let him keep it as a souvenier?
Kevin the Barbarian
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Gorg never fired the light bolt! He ended up just doing melee.
FYI - High Priest Farnsworth was hanged, but not before he provided vital information that the Kingdom fleet was able to make use of. The fleet was able to pin down and engage the Two-Moon raiders and dealt them a near-crippling blow, sinking many of their ships. Patrols continue to hunt the sea in search of the raiders, but the raiders continue to avoid direct confrontations.
Lorielle got tricked by the FB.
Violet would have retrieved her "light" arrow from the Orc Chieftain's chest.
Curtis has learned (via various methods) that there is a bounty out on my head. Martin has hired the Assassin's Guild to kill me, and they are coming for me. I have informed the sheriff that his people need to stay out of the way, and I'm advising all in the party that any seen with me may also be subject to whatever fate awaits me. I spoke with Krotus about it, but he can only tell me they are disciples of Kali and will come in waves and carry items of "powerful magic". I will take measures to endure, but will also generate a will as a precaution.
When Lucien hears he says, "Excellent! A magic-item delivery service! That's what we have been waiting for!" Lucien and Marcus want to help you set up the guild and humiliate them before we kill then all.

Edited 1425013991
De'Gron does need a magic blunt weapon, he doesn't even have a silvered one yet. Hi guys, I'm back! I will be participating in games again as of tomorrow!