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Construction Costs

CURRENT STRONGHOLD FUND BALANCE: 59,500gp PROJECT OVERSEER: Aslaard Goblinslayer (Amanda's Companion Character) DATE TYPE DESCRIPTION AMOUNT BALANCE 2/6/2015 BEGIN Initial Amount 0 0 2/22/2015 DEPOSIT Ramkus' Deposit 25,000 25,000 2/22/2015 DEPOSIT Emery's Deposit 20,000 45,000 2/22/2015 DEPOSIT Lorielle's Deposit 15,000 60,000 2/22/2015 DEPOSIT Curtis' Deposit 20,000 80,000 2/23/2015 DEPOSIT Ondraedon's Deposit 10,000 90,000 2/23/2015 DEPOSIT Violet's Deposit 15,000 105,000 2/23/2015 DEPOSIT Thea's Deposit 5,000 110,000 2/6/2015 EXPENSE Laborer Advertisements/Bonuses -7,800 102,200 2/6/2015 EXPENSE Soldier Advertisements -4,000 98,200 3/6/2015 EXPENSE Labor Wages -4,500 93,700 3/6/2015 EXPENSE Digging Costs -4,000 89,700 3/6/2015 EXPENSE Construction Costs -26,200 63,500 3/18/2015 DEPOSIT Lucien 10,000 73,500 3/18/2015 DEPOSIT Borbo 2,000 75,500 3/18/2015 DEPOSIT Marcus 4,000 79,500 3/20/2015 EXPENSE Soldier Wages -500 79,000 4/3/2015 EXPENSE Labor Wages -4,000 75,000 Monthly Expenses: Soldier Wages 500gp (400g) Boosh Company: 20 veteran elven archers (100g) Sons of Highroad: 20 experienced dwarven crossbowmen Labor Wages 4,000gp 1,060 human laborers 60 elf laborers 320 dwarf laborers 60 hobbit laborers ************************************************************************************************************************* DM NOTE: I will be using the below tables to calculate construction costs, but you can use these as a guide for how much you want to build. For every 100,000 gold in total project costs (which includes resources/labor) an Engineer is needed. TIME CONSTRUCTION FORMULA Structure Gold Cost / 600 = # of weeks per 100 men TRANSPORT COSTS When the raw materials source, usually quarry and forest, are not within the 5-mile hex of construction, the following costs must be added on per five mile hex Hex Type Additional Cost Clear +10% Woods +30% Swamp/Jungle +800% Hills +20% Mountain +40% Large River +40% (Unless missing resource is wood and can float downstream to reach work site) ROADS (Per Mile Cost) Type Clear Wooded Swamp or Mtn. Paved 6' wide 1d10x100g 2d10x100g 3d10x100g Gravel 4' wide 1d6x100g 2d6x100g 3d6x100g Dirt 4' wide 1d10x10g 2d10x10g 5d10x10g (not in swamp) BRIDGES Type Base Cost Per 20' Stone 600g 200g Wood 200g 50g (1,200' max) WALLS/BARRIERS Type Base Cost Depth Height Width Note Curtain Wall 4,500g 10' 40' 90' 40g for each additional yd/ft if not evenly 90'. Barbican 20,000g 20' 40' 100' 2x 30' diameter towers that are 35' tall, 1x 40' wide gated wall that is 30' tall and 15' deep. Moat/Ditch 2,000g 20' 10' 180' Wooden Palisade 1,500g Up to 10' 180' Ramparts 2,000g 20' 5' 180' Earthworks 1,000g 20' 10' 180' TOWERS Type Height Base Cost Each 10' Shorter Each 10' Higher Note Barbette 10' 1,000g -10% +20% Built upon a corner of existing wall, overhangs the corner. Square Tower 30' 4,000g -10% +20% 30' wide on all sides Round Tower 30' 5,000g -10% +20% 20' in diameter Small Round Tower 40' 4,500g -10% +20% 15' in diameter Large Round Tower 40' 10,000g -10% +20% 40' in diameter Bastion Same as wall 3,000g 50' in diameter, is a half circle extension of a wall. TOWER ADJUSTMENTS Type Cost Adjustment Roofed Tower Cap w/Banner +20% of Tower Cost Overhang to Larger Diameter Tower Section +20% of Larger Tower Cost FORTIFIED BUILDINGS Type Base Cost Depth Height Width Note Great Keep (lower) 42,000g 120' 200' diameter Height does not include crenellations. This structure is like a roofed tower. Great Keep (upper) 30,000g 130' 100' diameter Height does not include crenellations. This structure is like a roofed tower. Small Castle 1xGate w/portcullis and drawbridge, 1xGate House, 1xRound Tower, 1xMoat Medium Castle 1xGate w/portcullis and drawbridge, 1xGate House, 3xCurtain Walls, 1xRound Tower, 1xSquare Tower, 1xMoat Large Castle 1xGate w/portcullis and drawbridge, 1xGate House, 4xCurtain Walls, 4x Square Towers, 1xSquare Keep, 1xMoat Gate House 4,500g 30' 30' 30' Tower/Building that offers a fortified passage. BUILDINGS Type Base Cost Total Length of Walls to begin with Floors Doors Stairs Cellars Attics Additional foot of wall Stone 2,500g 120' 2, (10' high each) 2 per floor 3 1 1 +20gp Wood 500g 120' 2, (10' high each) 2 per floor 3 1 1 +4gp DOORS/WINDOWS/STAIRS/ETC Type Single Double Width Height Gate Door 3,000gp Portcullis & Drawbridge 2,000gp Small Wooden Door 10g 15g 3' Large Wooden Door 15g 30g 10' Small Iron Door 50g 75g 3' Large Iron Door 75g 100g 10' Stairs Wood 30g 45g 10' Stairs Stone 90g 140g 10' Slit or Window 10g 15g Secret Door (1-way) 50g Secret Door (2-way) 75g Wood Trapdoor 10g Wood Trapdoor (spring shut) 15g Steel Trapdoor 20g Steel Trapdoor (spring shut) 40g Small Iron Grating 100g 5' 10' Medium Iron Grating 300g 10' 20' Large Iron Grating 700g 20' 40' Chain 10gp per 1' Paddocks 100gp 6' Chain Locks 20gp NOTE: Any door can be reinforced for double the normal cost. PITS & TUNNELING Size Earth Stone # of Men Digging Progress Earth (sqft) Digging Progress Stone (sqft) 8' x 3' 2gp 4gp 10 20' per day 10' per day 8' x 5' 5gp 10gp 20 20' per day 10' per day 10' x 10' 10gp 25gp 30 20' per day 10' per day 10' x 20' 20gp 50gp 40 20' per day 10' per day NOTE 1: Cost of earth tunnels includes wooden reinforcements. Stone reinforcements double the cost. NOTE 2: Digging progress is determined by how many men are assigned. Less than listed will decrease progress. NOTE 3: Dwarves and gnomes dig at twice the rate. NOTE 4: Ceilings of all dimensions are considered to be 10' tall, although making it higher is possible for additional cost. TRAPS (chance of trapping is based on chance if trap was placed in nearby wilderness) Type Relative Size Per Trap Cost Chance of Trapping Small Traps Wolves, raccoons, squirrels 2gp 1% Medium Traps Tigers, apes, men, bears 4gp 1% Large Traps Ogres, giants, dragons 10gp 1% SIEGE WEAPONS Type Cost Range Damage AoE Large Catapult Small Catapult Arbalest Onager 335gp Mangonel 400gp Dart Thrower 20-120gp Portable Launcher 70-120gp Cauldron & Oil 50gp Portable Covered Ram 1000gp Siege Tower 2000gp Springel 300gp Trebauchet 700gp Mantlet 20gp Screw 1000gp Ladder 30' 5gp

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I think we need both an estimate and a budget. I'd like to dig out a second level if we can fit it into whatever budget we come up with. Mundane defenses cannot be ignored, but the scarier threat is vampires / high level casters. We'll need to come up with a plan to negate incorporeal or dimension door entries. I'll personally contribute 15k to this project, and keep a tally here of total contributions and expenditures. If someone with a good presence in Strongmoor would take lead on advertising and recruitment, that would be very helpful. Total contributions: 60,000 (R, B, J) Total expenses: 0 Cash on hand: 60,000
Keep in mind that planning and recruitment is retro-active to 2/6/2015. Once you guys make a decision I'll enact progress up to the current date. You guys do kinda need to hurry it up though. If you want, Sunday or Monday I could hold a mini-session specifically for planning. Also, you guys will likely need a minimum of 30 soldiers to man the old pirate's base, and some additional amount for each territorial defensive structure you build.
Isn't their restrictions upon Ramkus and Ondraedon for being church officials when it comes to owning castles due to our social standing? Because I would be willing to contribute 25k if that includes some personal space, I know a small castle is 16.5k, which I dont think I could own. However, could one still be built and simply not have it count towards social standing?
No restrictions. This is not a barony. This is simply a fortification where the group is hiring soldiers and workers to build and keep clear an area of land. You guys can come up with personally designated space/rooms/buildings if you wish, but you will receive none of the benefits of income, villages, or conscription that a proper level 10 landholder would receive.

Edited 1423872412
I'll give 20k to the cause. I just want the place to be spiffy, I made another topic about this, but NO ONE EVER REPLIED. I squared out most of the rooms, and there is plenty of space to add rooms, and depending on costs, we may be able to make a basement floor or something.
I'm assuming your interior changes stand since there was no opposition, Blaze. If budget allows, I'd like to extend construction to another, lower, level that can be locked down against intruders, with 2 hidden entrances. I'd like to put 5 towers up. 2 at bay entrance, 2 at cove mouth, and 1 directly above the door to the cave, with a reeeeeallly long murder hole.
Ondraedon (after he is released from jail) will need to work with the 2 priests and 5 acolytes assigned to him to convert the altar of Eldrath to an altar of Krotus. I will focus on the cave before I build in Stilt Town. I can make do with what the mayor sets aside for converting the people in town for now, but eventually would build a proper facility there to use as a temple. I would also like to eventually build a tower to Krotus on Baalor. It would be topped with either a stone dragon head or sword. I'm finished buying spell books, so I'll hopefully be able to start throwing gp towards the project.
Thea would like to have the top of one of the towers close to the cave double as a Rookery for the birds - small stands for the owl and a giant one for the Griffon (if she is still alive).
So yeah, we need to solidify the plans for your base. I think I will hold a short session to plan this stuff out on Sunday (2/22/2015) at 5pm CST. Please bring any ideas and or maps with you. I'll work on joining the entrance and cave maps for the base, and you guys can draw new areas on how you want to build. I'll see about taking Blaze's current base map and providing a cost estimate. Simply telling me you want to "build a tower" is not sufficient though. I need to know what type of tower you want to build, and how high you want it to be, and how many towers you want, and how they should be connected. On Blaze's map you should indicate where you want the stairwells to the tower to be located as well.
Can you post a map of Stilt Town with either the planned updates or the updates to date? I'm undecided regarding starting work in the cave or in town. Not sure I want to start on the altar on the island and have to assign/leave some of my minions there without guards and other people around. Plus if I get the temple going in Stilt Town my flock can start tithing and that would mean additional income that I can use for additional construction. (I want you to reach deep into your heart and your pocketbook, and take his hand!) Cost is the factor right now. I'm done buying the bulk of my books/scrolls so more adventure earnings will go towards construction. Also, how would these prices apply to Stilt Town, I don't think I'm going to need a cellar there, but I do have to deal with stilts! And what about special stone work? When I build my tower(s) I want to have a stone symbol of Krotus placed at the top for all to see.
Unfortunately I can't adjust the map of Stilt Town while at work. You'll have to wait until I'm at home and have some time to doodle on the original map.
Lucien and Marcus, the (Broadcloak brothers) have some thoughts on the Baalor Island base. Mostly related to physical security. Several are discussion points. I probably wont be able to make Sunday session but if I can I will. These are suggestions and if the Party doesn't want to follow them, its OK with us, but these are our suggestions: 1. Party Name. I don't know if we have voted on a name, but given our base camp and exploits on Baalor, I think some names like: "The Knights of Baalor" or "The Defenders of Baalor" or my favorite, "The Guardians of Baalor" are good possibles. These names sound noble, like we are protectors/defenders of the island and therefore reasonably credible to civilized peoples and kingdoms in the area. Even if some of our members are inclined to seek to use our group's growing power to plunder and ravage the area, sounding like we are noble and selfless defenders of the island will help them also. It will lead local lords and leaders to trust us more. 2. I think we should construct a tall stone tower near the entrance to the caves to serve as both a watch tower for security and as a lighthouse. Lucien thinks that some cleverly placed Continual Light Spells along with specially made mirrored surfaces may allow us to make a powerful light house. There are pros and cons to this idea: Pros to Lighthouse: a. It is a public service, aiding sea travellers and traders. In stormy weather which is common in these waters it can save lives in a storm. b. This is a big encouragement to making Baalor, particularly our area of Baalor a commercial attraction for sea traders and merchants and possibly others who would do business on the island if it were safer. It could lead to future rights to collect taxes, etc, or port fees, possibly in partnership with the King if necessary. c. It goes along with our position as a "Public Service Minded Group". We are not just hiding in a secure lair to secure our ill-gotten treasure, we are saving lives and making the island safer. d. When we civilize the island a bit more, perhaps after rescuing the princess and further eradicating bad guys on the island, we may be able to make deals with merchant groups to use our port for a small fee. It will be much safer than other ports without the lighthouse. We can be on the ground floor of building a port community that will be a first on the island. We will be the founding mothers and fathers of any community that grows here. e. While as discussed in Cons below it will create some security risks, it also helps spot approaching ships at night better than with no lighthouse. Cons to Lighthouse: a. It might be easier to attack us by sea at night. The lighthouse will provide a beacon for large ships to approach to the right location outside the lighthouse sightlines and to send small craft with troops to attack. However, as noted above, we will also have better ability to spot small crafts entering the bay with the lighthouse. With no lighthouse we are blind too. The attackers would be more likely to crash on rocks without the lighthouse but we would also be less likely to see them without the lighthouse. b. Kings/local lords might resent our audacity and take our stronghold. I think this could happen anyway, but making a public service project like a lighthouse and attracting income from merchant vessels, etc, might make us a bigger target than if we just hid in our fortified hole in the ground, I think it would not be much more attention getting than a tower without the lighthouse though. As you can see, Lucien and Marcus think GO LIGHTHOUSE! It might create great challenges but also opportunities, which all seem fun including being attacked by sea at night! I say let's make ourselves a real presence! 3. Physical Perimiter Security: Marcus thinks the Tower/Cave should be at the mid-line of an imaginary isocoles triangle pointing towards the inland portion of our land holdings. The two base corners of the triangle and its inland apex should have small but well-fortified Guard Outposts with short lookout platforms on top. So two Outposts would be equidistant from the Tower along the shoreline, where the Tower's sight-lines end, and one Outpost would be inland at the apex of the triangle to extend our security into the island. The Outposts will be manned by several guards each who will travel in shifts to various Listening/Observation Posts in their areas of operation. These LP/OPs will be simple trenches or tree-top platforms, concealed for listening and observing and sounding alarms in case of danger. The LP/OPs will either sound bells during the day or sound bells and shoot light arrows at night. The Outposts will relay alarms from the LP/OPs to the Tower by the same means and the Tower can alert the Caverns. For example, 1 Arrow/Bell might mean Problem but no danger or emergency liker general low level alert; 2 Arrows/Bells might be Natural disaster like fire or storm or dangerous but unintelligent animal; 3 Arrows/Bells might mean Attack by intruders or attack by dangerous creature. We can staff these posts as we can afford but getting port fees or lighthouse fees from merchant groups might provide resources to finance this staff. To assist in financing this and to make us more secure asap, we might sell some lumbering leases to some merchant concerns and provide security for them. Clearing some of the dense forest near our outer limits of our land would help make us able to spot approaching danger more easily and the gold will help us get our security forces financed. There should also be a series of pit snares strategically placed where our Outposts and Tower cannot cover well. Marcus has adapted the General Orders For Sentries he learned from his father who was a former Marine NCO so that our Sentries can function properly: 1. To take charge of this Post and all property of the Guardians of Baalor. 2. To walk my Post in a military manner keeping always on the alert and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing. 3. To be especially watchful at night and to challenge all humanoids on or near my post and to allow none to pass without proper authority. 4. To receive, obey, and pass on to the Sentry who relieves me all orders from the Commander, the Captain of the Guar, and any Member of the Guardians. 5. To quit my Post only when properly relieved. 6. To sound the appropriate alarm in case of intruders or disorder. 7. To take all actions necessary and proper to protect my Post and the stronghold of the Guardians. 8. To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce. 9. To repeat all alarms from Posts more distant from the Tower than my own. 10. To call the Captain of the Guard in any case not covered by instructions.
Also, I imagine it might be fun to have out of game sessions where whichever characters are assigned to mange the caves for the week could have fun encounters inspecting the outposts, supervising the security guards, maybe dealing with creature attacks or even parlaying and negotiating with merchant vessels seeking to use our harbor as they explore inland. Missing troops would be fun to search for. Repelling goblin or pirate attacks, etc. would also be fun side adventures. Just an OOC thought on these arrangements. See you guys next week, have fun making the fortifications if I cant make it!
So the Temple in Strongmoor is going to front the gold to build the temple in Stilt Town. So my gold can now go towards fortifying Baalor. With the 2 priests and 5 acolytes assisting, I was able to convert the altar of Eldrath in the cave to an altar of Krotus. I have assigned a priest and acolyte to remain on duty there in the caves. But I will have them working in shifts so no one is on the island for more than 2 days at a time since we are still trying to work on introducing Krotus in Stilt Town. I'm with Chris on the lighthouse idea, I had already contemplated building a tower to Krotus and placing a lit symbol at the top. We can build one main tower for this purpose and maybe we can build individual towers to our liking?
I would suggest placing the lighthouse at the mouth of the bay, since the mountains would block sight from the ocean if it was placed directly at the entrance of the old pirate base. I would also suggest naming your group at this point since it has just begun to hold territory; I know I'm the DM but I'm partial to the Knights of Baalor, the Lords of Baalor, or the Order of Baalor. These are all neutral to both class and alignment, since Knight can be inferred as a title of nobility rather than archetype. I would also recommend naming the fortification or buildings. In its current form, and with a few towers, this would qualify as a Fort. With significant wall construction and above ground building placement this would qualify as a castle. If a keep is built above the caves (and the caves made as a basement/dungeon to the keep, it would qualify as a Keep. The naming structures/conventions for any of these might be: FORTS, some fortifications, some towers, small footprint. Namefort Fort Name The Name Fort KEEPS, at least one solid layer of outdoor fortifications, a major tower, medium footprint. Name Keep Namekeep The Name Keep CASTLES, at least two layers of outdoor fortifications, one or more major towers or a keep, and ability to build other buildings within its walls. Castle Name Namecastle Name Castle The Name Castle

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Sunday is rather busy for me, so I may not make it. I like the idea of a lighthouse. Maybe a large round tower with a round tower on top. I'd also like to have a well armed tower at the point of the peninsula to bombard any unwelcome visitors. Gatehouse to the left of the cave mouth, with a stone wall leading into the bay to prevent circumvention, and mooring for ships along the interior side of the wall. Heavily armed tower to the right of cave mouth, possibly with a smaller light beacon. I'm not familiar with the terrain above the cave, but a fortress up there for more personal use seems a good thing. Name-wise, let's make use of the Owl flag Thea(or was it Violet) risked her life to protect. Baalor Owls, Watchers of Baalor, Baalor's Silent Justice, Wings of Redemption, True Seers of Baalor.
Looks like you guys will need about 1,500 men to dig out the areas you need to within the span of 1 month. It will then take another 3 weeks with 1,500 men to construct the structures you have planned. The estimated total cost of advertising, without offering bonuses (like 3x first month's pay) and higher pay (like 3x the normal rate) would be approximately 12,800gp to hire enough servitors and put up advertisements in 7 nearby cities and 50 towns. This level of advertisement would get you reasonably close to recruiting 1,500 laborers within a week. The total cost of the project (excluding advertising) would be: 33,177gp. Broken down, the costs are as follows: Structures: 26,200gp Construction Labor Cost: 1,500gp Stonework/Supports for Digging: 3,978gp Digging Labor Cost: 1,500gp It is recommended that you offer triple pay rate and triple bonus rate to recruit people more expeditiously and for cheaper. I can throw out some number for advertising when you guys are ready.
I will contribute 18k to the construction. I will also pay another 7k to cover the 3x first months pay and some other costs special to advertising... and to aid with advertising. so basically 25k total.
Yeah, so everyone should write in how much they are contributing to the stronghold costs and I'll make a record of how much cash is pooled together to cover costs. Right now it is: Ramkus: 25,000gp Emery: 20,000gp Lorielle: 15,000gp I'll keep track of it at the top of the original post too. Also remember that trippling the pay rate for labors means you are paying that much as long as they are hanging around. The trade off is long-term construction costs are higher, but you can attract them quicker to the work site.
Would it be possible to build a boom chain across the cove (harbor) ala the one Tyrion built for King's Landing? Here is some wikipedia info about them. Violet was the one who rescued the Flag and the Figurehead.
Curtis could put up 20k towards everything with the understanding we'd pay more initially to save money later. Amanda that's something we'd considered, but I think the current focus is a build out of the area and then do finishing touches like that.
Ondraedon can throw in 10k. Wish I had more, but mot of my gp has gone towards spell books through now.
Alright, everyone needs to mark off how much is indicated by the deposit record in the first post. I suspect Lucien, Violet/Thea, and Gorg may decide to throw in some gold too eventually; but for now this is more than enough to cover initial construction and labor costs. Someone will need to assign a companion to oversee the construction and manage the project money. As a gameplay mechanic this is superficial and the player won't actually have to do anything; but it does mean that the companion will not be available for adventuring while he is managing the project. My advice is that if you don't like using your companion, to offer them up for service.
Violet will put in 15000 gp. She would also like to build a small altar to Osiris and Anubis in her Cave quarters. Thea can only donate 5000gp. She would still like to have the top of one of the towers close to the cave double as a Rookery for the birds - small stands for the owl and a giant one for the Griffon (if she is still alive), plus have a stable built for mounts and for her mule.
Aslaard Goblinslayer can oversee construction. He has been a boon companion to Thea since the beginning and is trustworthy. He is also of sufficient level (4th) to kick ass and take names if needed.
Once construction is finished on the basic structures, we'll have another mini-session to layout pet projects; but its a good point to post your ideas in this thread. Someone also needs to just take charge of hiring soldiers, and state how many cities/towns you are putting up fliers in. Basically write up what you want the advertisement to say, where you want to post them (up to 7 cities and countless towns), and how much you are offering (pay rate and bonuses). If they are answered, the average number showing up is usually 20 for non-specialists.
Which of Krotus' symbols is most peaceful; gold-green dragon, dragon head, or flaming sword? Need to figure out which one will be the center of focus for the Stilt Town temple...
Dragon silhouette or sword, less intimidating.
The Strongmoor temple of Krotus makes a lot of use of Thor symbology. Hammers and warrior statues are not uncommon.
So I guess we'll pay triple to the workers and provide sign on bonus of 1gp. I don't know if you ever gave us a number of how many troops we'd need to hire and have stationed at the base to secure the area and man the outpost, but if that could be included in flyers without causing further problems that would be great.
30 soldiers minimum, more possibly once construction is complete.You will want a set amount stationed in each bastion (disregard shifts, everyone is activated if stationed nearby when the alarm is called), and determine how many people will be stationed in other castle structures, lighthouse, signal house, watch tower, and land patrol (size of squad of men on patrol is usually about 10 to 20), and sea patrol too if you want to give the fort a vessel. Just look at your construction plans and determine how many you want for each part, and then give me the total you want to hire and what you may be using to entice them and I'll estimate how many fliers it might take to get those numbers and we'll try that. You can also just tell me what the enticements will be for the basic 30, and I'll go ahead and run those fliers right now. I'll have the first week's results for labor advertisement soon based on 3gp monthly pay and 1gp signing bonus.
For your labor advertisements, it cost you guys 6,300gp from your stronghold fund to hire servitors and post advertisements across 7 cities and 35 towns. You now have 1,500 laborers being paid 3x their normal pay rate (3gp per month). You've paid a bonus of 1gp per laborer, costing 1,500gp total. You now have: 1,060 laborer men 60 laborer elves 320 laborer dwarves 60 laborer hobbits
After two weeks of advertising in 5 of the relatively nearby cities, your broad advertisements posted for Mercenaries finally attracts two mercenary groups: Boosh Company (400g per month) 20 Veteran Elven Archers Level 2, and receives +1 to morale checks in large scale, or fails morale on a 5 or lower on small scale. Being elves, they are able to shoot and move in the same round; in large scale battles this may translate to shooting twice per round. Wearing Chainmail (AC5) Wielding Longbows and carrying Longswords, and each with a quiver of x20 arrows. About: The Boosh Company is a small mercenary company whose members have each fought in at least two wars within the Barbarian Kingdoms. They tell you they are always first in battle and first to be discharged from contracts due to the general distrust that humans have for elves. They say that they are often confused for bandits or brigands, and you would have to agree given the rough looking faces that greet you with little expression of emotion. You get the impression they tend to keep to themselves during service. The Sons of Highroad (100g per month) 20 Experienced Dwarven Crossbowmen Being dwarves, they are able to carry more than most men. In this specific case, they are able to carry both a 2-handed crossbow and 2-handed battleaxe, in addition to heavy armor without penalty. Wearing Chainmail (AC5) Wielding Crossbows and carrying 2-handed Battleaxes, and each with a quiver of x20 bolts. About: The Sons of Highroad are another outcast mercenary company. They appear loaded with weaponry and armor, but seem to know how to use it. None of them have served in an army, but they have seen plenty of action guarding the caravans travelling across the mountainous region between Herot and Kathorr. Most humans disdain dwarven soldiers as cripples and half-men, not worth the cost of training or the equipment their wear; these dwarves are exceptional given the odds that have been stacked against them. They are friendly enough talking with you, and very polite. Do you want to keep both or either of these mercenary groups? Total advertisement costs to recruit have been 4,000gp during the first two weeks. You can continue posting flyers and we'll see who answers if you wish. You'll need to hire at least 30 within the first month of construction though (2 more weeks of advertisements allowed).
I like elves more, but if we can do both that sounds good to me.
You need 30 soldiers at a minimum.
You guys have dug out all the required space, and construction should be finished Friday, March 27th. I'm going to go ahead and deduct all related expenses from your fund.
Lucien wants to chip in 10,000gp. Borbo will chip in 2,000gp. Marcus will contribute 4,000gp.
This post is mostly for AMANDA . So I've also heard you guys decided to hire both Boosh Company and The Sons of Highroad. Who and how many do you want assigned where? Positions: Cave Stronghold (8 crossbow dwarves, 20 elf archers) Guarding the Stronghold (8 crossbow dwarves, shifts of 3/2/3) Land Patrol 1 (10 elf archers) Land Patrol 2 (10 elf archers) Water Patrol (will require boat and crew) Light House at entrance to bay (6 crossbow dwarves, shifts of 2/2/2) Signal House (6 crossbow dwarves, shifts of 2/2/2) Minimum for a patrol is 10 soldiers. You can assign the rest however you want. Amanda is defacto commander of the stronghold since her companion is running things there, but if anyone disagrees with her, it's still a group consensus.
The Dwarves should be stationed at the Light House and the Signal House since Crossbows have a long reach than longbows. I would say 6 at each (these are stationary locations, correct?) with rotating shifts of 2. The other 8 Dwarves will be stationed at the Stronghold guarding it with rotating shifts of 3/2/3. There should be overlap between the shifts. Two groups of 10 Elves each will be walking Land Patrols since the Elves move a lot better than the Dwarves do. Do we have a small boat (or sailors) that can be used for a water patrol?
You have 1 small warship and 1 large warship, each with full crew. Neither ship has a captain however, and can't be sailed without a leading player aboard. Aslaard can't captain the ship because he has administration duties and can't spend all day on patrol (although now and then is probably ok). If you direct me to, you can tell me how much I have to spend on advertisements or some other loose directive and I can have advertisements posted to recruit one or even two captains for these ships and any additional soldiers you want. You will need to be specific about whether to put these in a single advertisement or advertise seperately.
Crew is separate from soldiers right?
Yes, crew is separate. They are just sailors who don't have much fighting skill.
Then ads for Captains with experience piloting both large and small vessels, plus a separate ad for soldiers used to fighting on the seas.
I need a little clarification on the soldier ad: Any soldier type? Only ranged soldiers? Marines? (Crossbowmen)
Marines and Polearms sound good?
What are the Polearm soldiers for?

Edited 1426798706
As in soldiers using pole arms. The spear thing.
Ok, I'll put up three separate ads: 2 ship captains (specialists) open call for polearm soldiers open call for marines I'll try 5 different cities for each of these advertisements, each week.
Sounds great!
So you are 3 weeks into construction project, advertising for more soldiers and captains, and with only 5 cities being advertised in and no bonuses/higher pay being offered, only 1 sea captain answers the advertisement for the first week. Advertisement costs for week 3 were 5,000gp (500gp for 5 servitors, 4,500gp for 5 advertisements for each listing in each city). You can make this cheaper by combining listings, but then recruitment will be slower, or you can increase the number of places you are advertising in.