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[Vault] characters

Allow us to not only view, but edit vault characters. Although it's nice that I'm able to copy something from one game to another, sometimes you simply want to have a sheet you can alter at any point. Granted, Myth weavers and similar sites can work wonders and all. But I feel this kind of thing is suited to Roll20 as well. If possible, as well, a tool that enables GM's to use multiple character sheet types* would be nice. An Example would be World of Darkness - incorporating a hunters sheet with kindred sheets, you end up having everyone using 1 sheet, instead of the correct ones for each player type. (Figured I'd add this instead of making two posts)
Sheet Author
API Scripter
FWIW, anyone can create a campaign, and a campaign's GM can allow vault characters to be imported. If you wanted to edit your vault character, you could import it into a private campaign with no players except you. You would have to export the character to the vault again, and then you'd have two copies (one before and one after making changes), but it's an option that's currently available.
I'm quite aware of that option... it's a nice work around. Shouldn't be needed. You should be able to go into your vault with more than two options, edit it... save it, then if the need ever arises, export it into a campaign.
I would have thought this would be a given.. And yes you can export it to a game and then re import it but that is wonky especially because the only different thing the vault will show you between modded character sheets is the date they were imported. Even some basic info like race and level would be helpful on the vault screen.
James W.
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The problem is that the character sheet is tied to the campaign, and the characters in the Vault are just a bunch of attributes; specifically, the attributes that have been changed from the character sheet's defaults.  The Vault stores no data about which character sheet the campaign the character was imported from used, nor is there any way for it to know what attributes are relevant, nor is there any standard naming convention.  The attribute that the sheet uses to store your race could be named @{race}, or @{race_name}, or even @{bob_sagat_killed_my_father}. Implementing a character editor inside the Vault would involve basically reimplementing the character sheet sandbox, and frankly isn't a reasonable use of their limited resources.  I suppose adding special handling to add a "Vault description" attribute, with a specific name like @{vault_description}, to display along with the name in the Vault would be relatively simple, but the individual character sheets would need to be updated by their respective authors to use it.
This has been suggested  before. I believe this is going beyond it's intended purpose. Another issue is compendium access. I doubt it would have access. TBH, I don't use the vault much personally but I would really like to be able to tag the entries or sort them into folders so I can identify what sheet, campaign, game system, etc. I suppose that would be a separate suggestion.
Yes, but if they made the Character Vault a place where you could make and edit characters then more people might use it. A person new to Roll20 has that expectation, it's pretty much what they are selling on the front page "Any Concept/Any System" sounds like a character creator to me. 
Roll20 Dev Team
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