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Conflict between HoneyBadgers's Alter Token and Status

Alterbar: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Status Script /** * Set various token markers based on bar cur/max ratios * * The CONFIG array can have any number of configuration objects. These objects * are processed in order. * * barId - The ID of the bar to look at the values for [1, 2, 3] * barRatio - The ratio of bar value to max value that triggers setting the status marker [0 - 1] * status - The name of the status marker to toggle [redmarker, bluemarker, greenmarker, brownmarker, purplemarker, dead] * whenLow - The state of the marker when the bar value is &lt;= the ratio [true, false] */ var CONFIG = [ // {barId: 1, barRatio: .5, status: "redmarker", whenLow: true}, {barId: 1, barRatio: 0, status: "dead", whenLow: true}]; on("change:token", function(obj) { CONFIG.forEach(function(opts) { var maxValue = parseInt(obj.get("bar" + opts.barId + "_max")); var curValue = parseInt(obj.get("bar" + opts.barId + "_value")); //log(opts.barId + ": " + curValue + "/" + maxValue); if (maxValue != NaN && curValue != NaN) { var markerName = "status_" + opts.status; if (curValue &lt;= (maxValue * opts.barRatio)) { obj.set(markerName, opts.whenLow); } else { obj.set(markerName, !opts.whenLow); } } }); }); When using both scripts, manually adjusting a bar to 0, throws the "dead" staus on it. When using alter bar to lower a bar to 0, the "dead" status does not appear. Can anyone spot the conflict?
The Aaron
API Scripter
AH.. Ok. sorry. I misunderstood your original post and the problem. There isn't a conflict directly, it has to do with the way that the event system works. on( &lt;event&gt;, &lt;callback&gt;); registers a function to be executed whenever a particular event occurs. In this case, it's the "change:token" event. That event is triggered whenever a token is changed by a client . In the case of using the Alterbar script, it isn't a client that is changing it, so the event is not triggered. I ran into a similar problem with my marks script wanting to clear on the turn order changing, but I was changing it programmatically with a !eot command. I solved it in my case by just having my !eot command execute a clear operation on my marks script. That isn't the ideal way of doing it, but the ideal way of doing it is quite a bit of work. I've worked out most of a system for doing it, but haven't written it yet.