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How to share non-Roll20 character sheets?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience in sharing characters electronically between players and GMs electronically. I'm thinking some sort of online storage where you can restrict who can see and modify a file, while at the same time do live editing and doesn't have to save locally, modify and upload whenever you modify the sheet. The reason I ask is: I really like the option of having Roll20 D&D5E character sheets. But using them have 2 things I dislike: 1 - The makros either hide too much or show too much. For instance if you roll to hit with a weapon you get 2 resulting numbers - sometimes you need 1, sometimes two. But if I want to double check as a GM if they added the correct modifier to the roll I have to read the tooltip, which is far from userfriendly. I tend to prefer to have people calculate their own modifier and make their own roll rather than click a makro. A makro toggle to the character sheets would be nice. 2 - Overview of character sheet. So if you have to look in your character sheet while also looking at the roll20 map and rolls window it can be a bit layered. For the GM juggling even more stuff (maybe even including all the characters sheets) it can become an even bigger problem. Some of my players even copy all the info from their roll20 sheets to other character sheets (either electronical or paper) and keep them updated too. The Roll20 5E character sheet isn't printer friendly.
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Google Drive and Dropbox will both do what you want.
Sheet Author
It's kind of hard avoiding tooltip overload. Inline rolls look nice in final output, but can be a pain to decipher. You are probably stuck if using sheet rolls(macros are probably hard coded into the sheet), but if you create your own macros, you can add descriptors inline that help explain what the rolls and modifiers are. Add descriptors within single brackets, [ ] [[ 1d20+?{Modifier|0}[add a description here] ]] one caveat; you have to have a roll within in the inline double brackets [[ ]]. You can even use "0d0" if you don't actually need a roll. Mythweavers is what we used prior to roll20 character sheets being implemented. You are still going to have to change focus between a roll20 map and a character sheet whether it's within roll20 or another site... Use double-click on your character sheet's header to minimize to the map editor. Makes for a quick change between map and sheet. BTW, pop-out character sheets are on the Dev right now which may be of some benefit to your players. I think it's only useful for dual monitor users, but your milage may vary. Shameless plug for Print Character Sheets suggestion. Please leave at least leave comment. :-)