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Broken Campaign Page Using API

This is actually the second time it's happened to me, but after launching one of my scripts through a chat event, everything on the campaign page disappeared including the grid, only showing the background color. If I left or right click the screen, it is as if the mouse buttons were stuck, so it will scroll around or mass select, though clicking again does nothing. I can start a fresh page with no apparent problems. I've disabled all of my scripts, closed the browser and cleared the cache. When I logged back in, it started to load the objects, but quickly went back to the background color only. *The stuck during click problem can be fixed by switching to the pan view tool, but the selection tool will stick again.
You've probably broken an object by setting an invalid property. If you open up your console log while loading the page there should be some errors...
Sorry boss, still broken. No error logs, didn't work when deactivated. Didn't work when I deleted the last thing I was working on before it broke. *You were right, but there were no errors. Ran script to change all objects back to the gmlayer and fixed it.
Konrad J.
API Scripter
I accidently stumbled upon this problem.  The reason I was getting it was because I was setting a token's layer = "". :)  I didn't get any errors either.  So the problem with letting us users have an API is that we can easily break things! :)  But Riley has it set in a sandbox and it works very well.  We don't bring down the server when doing something that breaks the interface!  I'm having a great old time playing with the scripts!