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Expand LFG to enable PUG-style gaming

We all know the 'LFG' term became widely known with the popularization of a certain MMO, and I think roll20 can really grow by taking a look at what World of War**aft has done with their LFG system. By making an integrated feature that allows players to find a group in realtime, their LFG system has evolved into a near-instantaneous matchmaking system that can pair a player with others from a pool of countless others. As the roll20 community grows in size, so too can the accessibility it provides to its playerbase. Currently players can search for scheduled one-shot games through LFG, but what if we had a more dynamic system for a more dynamic gaming style? So, that in mind, my suggestion: Introduce a 'server browser' style system for pickup gaming. This would entail having a real-time visual browser featured on the home page that displays game listings people have posted with a new "pickup" option from the "will be played:" field, specifically for game sessions that are looking for players to join and play within the same day. If implemented, this feature would be more successful if the social network side of the site received some updates - for instance options to live chat with other players, send join requests, and make games open to join. Tabletop gaming is a very organic medium, and in order for Roll20 to truly achieve its goals I believe pursuing accessibility should be one of the top priorities of the site. Not all tabletop gamers plan sessions months or weeks in advance. There are plenty who find themselves with a quiet evening and a desire to play a game, but turn to videogames because Roll20 simply isn't currently structured toward short-term gaming. Let's give the gamers a choice!
This! It also brings to mind some kind of regular event/meet and greet/mini Con that Roll20 could host regularly. Maybe allowing for people to observe and not participate would be nice as well. :) +1
Given my ability to find free time for games on anything other than short notice these days, this strikes me as an excellent suggestion.  +1
I have like 5 unused votes and this is still the only thing I care about seeing.
Perhaps it can send a notification when a GM is hosting one of the games on your favorites list!
That would be a wonderful addition, Aeo!
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I would love to have a proper PUG Lobby. In the meantime, I've created a meta-group called  PUG Lobby . Feel free to join it so we can organize some pickup games.
While the forum LFG is good, I would much prefer a realtime chat service where I can enter and put a indicator next to my name indicating what kind of game I am looking to join. Perhaps a means for DM's to create a chat room with a LFP indicator... I think this would help DM's and players linkup much quicker and etc... + D&D |- D&D 3.5 | L Mezlo - LFG - Cleric - lvl 2 and etc... |- D&D 5 E | L Cosmo - LFG - Wizard | L Etc... | | etc.. etc..
Thanks for supporting this suggestion, folks. I encourage you to direct friends here to build upon our ideas for how this could take shape or how players can achieve similar on their own. With +14 we're very nearly at the milestone of reaching page 2 of the suggestions forum.
Count me in.  I want to log on and join a new game without planning ahead for a cpl hours.  Im happy to use a pregen, like a con. 
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The Pick Up Game system is now live! Thanks for this feedback-- look for an exciting announcement later today.