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[Script] Morality, now with 50% more guilt and goodness


Edited 1424725500
Make your players feel awful. Make them feel sinister. Make them feel righteous! Add more depth to the social experience outside the hack-and-slash! This is a simple script that shows a paragon and renegade option together, or solo along with some pretty formatting. It also grabs the current token's image, or if the token is tied to a character sheet with an image, it uses that over the token image. NOTE: It will not pull images from the marketplace due to security restrictions, but it'll work fine for any you upload yourself. EDIT: it appears the marcos I provided omitted the caption argument 'c:' fixed that so the marcos should be correct. It accepts the following formats, the image comes from a selected token (or the sheet it references to over the token image): !Morality p:(... I'm sure we can come to some agreement.):(bluff)%%r:(This is the last straw!):(intimidate)%%c:(Alfred looks on at you) !Morality p:(... I'm sure we can come to some agreement.):(bluff)%%c:(Alfred looks on at you) !Morality r:(This is the last straw!):(intimidate)%%c:(Alfred looks on at you) !Morality p:(... I'm sure we can come to some agreement.):(bluff) For maximum utility, I'd suggest the following macros in your macro bar: Morality-Both !Morality c:(?{caption})%%p:(?{paragon}):(?{paragon-skill})%%r:(?{renegade}):(?{renegade-skill}) Morality-Paragon !Morality c:(?{caption})%%p:(?{paragon}):(?{paragon-skill}) Morality-Renegade !Morality c:(?{caption})%%r:(?{renegade}):(?{renegade-skill}) Script: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Hahahaha, I love this! I'm actually working on a similar sort of idea, but for a completely different purpose. =D
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Oh my, that's rather nifty.

Edited 1424322915
It works better when you attach DCs to the skill checks. Sometimes being diplomatic is difficult, where a stern voice would better serve given the price of possible failure... Tracking paragon and renegade separately in terms of party reputation. It might sound railroady but it's actually not. For instance say they rescue a noble woman and could escort her back or advance after the bandits whom still have others captive. The party decided to leave her to travel back alone rather than stay; in addition to continuing to hound after the bandits for fear of execution of the others. GM can present a diametric option for convincing her.. Success on either being she does as they wish her too, failure being she does what she feels is best as she's unconvinced, perhaps even tagging along unless more forceful measures are taken. It also could be more like mass-effect and simply have intentions that your players roleplay out: This is the simpler option that I'll use in my skype based games.
Sheet Author
This is a really cool script. Thank you for sharing this.
Could be good for prompting less engaged players to participate, but it would be cool if players could add their own options somehow.
Awesome script, testing it out now and looks great so far :].
Hey ! thanks for that but could you explain more how to use it ? i'm french and I do not catch everything :)
Jean-François D. said: Hey ! thanks for that but could you explain more how to use it ? i'm french and I do not catch everything :) It's just a text formatter that uses the selected token to grab either the attached journal's image or the token image. Morality-Both !Morality c:(?{caption})%%p:(?{paragon}):(?{paragon-skill})%%r:(?{renegade}):(?{renegade-skill}) For this command: !Morality --&gt; command name c:(He looks you over carefully) --&gt; caption message p:(You can count on us, for we've done many deeds of this nature.):(Diplomacy DC 12) -&gt; Paragon message and associated skill r:(Nothing out of the ordinary, but If you want my blade it'll cost ye!):(Bluff DC 18) -&gt;&gt; Renegade message and associated skill The macros I included above should make creating this dialog on the fly trivial. You can also store them in marcos on a journal or on the campaign as preperation ahead of time for a session.
Hahaha the Ooze caption is amazing
Thanks a lot, a very good one !
Awesome stuff. Put it into my campaign as soon as I saw it. Any ideas how to capitalise letters or put inline rolls in?