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The Tale of Sir Imin the Golden

DM NOTE: This is the adventure log of Imin (Norm's character) and his down-time activity of joining the King's Army. I felt this should be shared, and it provides an example of some of the awesome things that can happen when you take time off with your primary character to do more mundane activities. This system was mostly born out of the desire to get some practice DMing in a more laid back manner where I'm not rushed to make rulings, as well as flesh out the background of the world you guys are adventuring in. It also gives those of you who need to take an actual break from the game to interact without having to spend 4 to 6 hours every week attending the main play sessions. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** Imin approaches the garrison located in the northern end of the city, saying he is interested in joining the Urchin Isles Kingdom Army. The guards at the entrance to the garrison give Imin some trouble but Imin argues that he is famous. The guards don't believe him (NOTE: Imin paid some bards to sing some songs around town which caught on in popularity). He shows them the fiery sword mentioned in the popular song. A Knight passing by on his horse overhears the conversation and recognizes Imin. "Hey, did you say you're Imin? That song about you really gets my blood rushing. Did you really slay a dozen ogres and the dread spider 'Saxpiss'?", the knight says. Imin nods and tells the knight that he came to the garrison to join the army in search of adventure, battle, and glory. "Well you won't find much of that in the Kingdom Army, we've been at peace for some time. I hear some of the barbarian kingdoms are stirring up trouble again to the north though. One lot of them has started raiding the Borea sea. They're the navy's problem for now though." The knight introduces himself as Sir Fitzroy, and leans down from his saddle to shake Imin's hand with gauntleted fist. "Follow me, and I'll take you to the Master Sergeant," Sir Fitzroy says, and kicks his steed into a trot. Imin follows along, and eventually arrive at a plain non-descript wooden building on the grounds. Sir Fitzroy dismounts and leads Imin inside. Within is seated a man who stands up in formal greeting, giving Sir Fitzroy a salute. Sir Fitzroy whispers something in the Sergeant's ear before taking his leave and wishing Imin luck on his endeavor. "So, you are here to join the ranks of the King's Army. What equipment and supplies will you be bringing into service for us?" says the sergeant. Imin tells the sergeant that he possess magical weapons, plate armor, shield, war horse, oil, etc. "That's fine and good but all you'll need are your weapons, shield, and steed. I can sign you up into the cavalry, and given your fame and skill, Sir Fitzroy has requested that you serve as his squire and I'm inclined to agree. These are peace times right now, but you'll be serving for a period of one month with the option to continue service. If the army goes to war, we'll expect you to serve longer of course." The sergeant says, "As a squire, your commission is 60 gold per month; double during war time. You'll report to Sir Fitzroy first thing in the morning." With that, the sergeant escorts Imin outside his office and beckons a man at arms to come help take his things and get him moved near Sir Fitzroy's encampment. Imin swears loyalty to the Sea King Vortigern of the Urchin Isles and spends a month in service to Sir Fitzroy, a landless Knight Bachelor in the King's Army. During Imin's time in service, Sir Fitzroy is assigned to a small fort near castle Glamorgan located on the river that forms the border with Rath Denacht. Imin spends each day emptying out the stalls, cleaning and maintaining armor, and training in several advanced cavalry skills such as the joust, horse charging, and how to make use of the polearm lance. Even though the Urchin Isles is at peace with Rath Denacht, river pirates have been striking nearby villages in the region. One day Imin sets out with 66 men led by Sir Torvald of Wight, who is Knight Banneret and acting Captain of the fort. The forces are composed as below: (Hawk Group) 18 Levy Crossbowmen led by Sir Fitzroy, and accompanied by his squire (Imin). No Armor, Only crossbows for weapons, unmounted. (Owl Group) 19 Levy Crossbowmen led by Sgt. Banon No Armor, Only crossbows for weapons, unmounted. (Wolf Group) 18 Men-At-Arms led by Sir Torvald, and accompanied by squire Tarn. Chainmail, Shield, Longsword, unmounted. (Ferret Group) 5 light cavalrymen led by Sir Grimwald, acting as the vanguard and scouting ahead. Leather Armor, Only Lances. Through an ingenious plan set forth by Sir Torvald, Sir Grimwald visits an upstream tavern telling tales of recently found treasure in a nearby village of Tallton. Sir Torvald organizes the men to prepare an ambush in Tallton, laying in wait for the river pirates. During the night 80 pirates try to raid the village via longship but find the King's men waiting for them once they have disembarked. The enemy is arrayed as below: (1st Enemy Group) 20 Light Foot Leather Armor, Cutlass (2nd Enemy Group) 20 Light Foot Leather Armor, Cutlass (3rd Enemy Group) 20 Light Crossbow Leather Armor, Cutlass, Crossbow (4th Enemy Group) 10 Light Foot and 10 Heavy Crossbow Leather Armor, Cutlass Chainmail, Cutlass, Crossbow ***************************************************************************************************** The first round: Hawk Group takes the 1st Enemy Group by surprise, firing crossbows at range and killing 5 pirate swordsmen. Owl Group takes the 2nd Enemy Group by surprise, firing crossbows at range and killing 4 pirate swordsmen. Wolf Group ambushes the 3rd Enemy Group from behind, engaging them in melee and killing 3 pirate crossbowmen. Ferret Group circles around to prepare a charge against the now isolated 4th Enemy Group. End of first round: Remaining Men ALLIES 66 Hawk Group 20 Owl Group 20 Wolf Group 20 Ferret Group 6 ENEMIES 68 1st Enemy Group 15 2nd Enemy Group 16 3rd Enemy Group 17 4th Enemy Group 20 ***************************************************************************************************** The second round: Under fire from the crossbow levies of Hawk Group, the 1st Enemy Group tries to take cover and hide in and behind nearby houses, but loses 2 more men. The 2nd Enemy Group holds steady and quickly advances to engage the Owl Group, making use of their cutlasses against the unarmored and ill-equipped crossbow levies. Owl group is able to drop another two pirate swordsmen in the melee and sustains no casualties this round. The 3rd Enemy Group falls back in good order, taking aim at the men-at-arms of Wolf Group as they retreat towards their boat. Wolf Group's large shields prove effective against the retreating fire; Sir Torvald and his men continue to cut the pirates down, killing another two crossbowmen. Ferret Group having positioned itself in preparation, charges down the 4th Enemy Group with lances lowered only to be met by the eager swords of the enemy's outnumbering force. All but Sir Grimwald fall in the charge. Meanwhile the heavy crossbowmen of the 4th Enemy Group take aim at Hawk Group; four from Hawk group are slain by the hail of bolts, and Sir Fitzroy is knocked unconscious from his saddle. End of second round: Remaining Men ALLIES 56 Hawk Group 15 Owl Group 20 Wolf Group 20 Ferret Group 1 ENEMIES 62 1st Enemy Group 13 2nd Enemy Group 14 3rd Enemy Group 15 4th Enemy Group 20 ****************************************************************************************************** Upon seeing Sir Fitzroy fall from the saddle, the men of Hawk Group appear ready to panic. Imin quickly pulls free his flaming sword from it's scabbard and takes command of the group with a rallying cry! Imin orders five of the hawks to get Sir Fitzroy to the safety, and orders the other 10 to provide covering fire against the 4th Enemy Group. ****************************************************************************************************** The third round: Owl Group is shaken by the loss of 8 men during its continued melee with the 2nd Enemy Group. Owl Group manages to fire off a few bolts during the melee and kills 4 pirates of the 2nd Enemy Group. With the 3rd Enemy Group retreating back to their ships, Wolf Group charges the 2nd Enemy Group from behind while they are locked in melee with Owl Group. Sir Torvald and his men utterly break the 3rd Enemy Group, cutting down 9 of the pirates, while a lone surviving pirate drops his weapon and makes a run for his ship. Sir Grimwald is thrown from his horse during the end of last round's charge, but the surrounding swordsmen of the 4th Enemy Group turn to face Imin as he rallies his crossbow levies and charges with a yell of, "Now Imin the Golden shall burn clean these lands of villanous scum!". A squad of 10 Hawks provides covering fire for his charge, and within moments 8 of the pirates lay choking in their own blood; Imin's steed stomping its iron-shod hooves upon the broken bodies of the fallen. The remaining two pirate swordsmen turn and run for their ships, leaving the squad of heavy crossbowmen undefended. In the melee, Imin takes 6 damage. As the pirate swordsmen protect the heavy crossbowmen from Imin's charge, they fire another volley of bolts upon Hawk Group, slaying 3 of those who were providing cover fire. Under direct orders, 5 of the crossbow levies from Hawk Group drag Sir Fitzroy to a safe distance away and take up positions to attack any enemy that comes near. The 1st Enemy Group holds its position, taking cover under the possible threat of Hawk Group's crossbows. End of third round: Remaining Men ALLIES 44 Hawk Group 12 Owl Group 12 Shaken Wolf Group 20 Ferret Group 0 Wiped Out ENEMIES 26 1st Enemy Group 13 Taking cover 2nd Enemy Group 1 Full retreat 3rd Enemy Group 0 Withdrawn from Battle 4th Enemy Group 12 Disorganized Retreat ******************************************************************************************************* The fourth round: Hawk Group continues firing upon the 4th Enemy Group, but their bolts prove ineffective against the chainmail armored pirates. As the last of the pirate swordsmen in the group flee, Imin wheels his horse around and charges the heavy crossbowmen. The pirates take aim at his charge, and Imin takes four crossbow bolts, for a total of 16 damage (22 cumulative). Imin smashes into their ranks, and cuts down a single pirate. The 4th Enemy Group heavy crossbowmen withstand the assault, and appear to be rallying a charge against the undefended crossbow levies in Hawk Group; leaving only a couple of their own to deal with Imin. With the respite in fire from Hawk Group, the 1st Enemy Group leaves cover and charges Wolf Group with cutlasses held high. They are promptly slain to the last man by Owl and Wolf Group who turn and meet their advance. Owl Group sustains no casualties, but Wolf Group takes 3 losses. End of fourth round: Remaining Men ALLIES 41 Hawk Group 12 Owl Group 12 Wolf Group 17 Ferret Group 0 Wiped Out ENEMIES 9 1st Enemy Group 0 Wiped Out 2nd Enemy Group 0 Withdrawn from Battle 3rd Enemy Group 0 Withdrawn from Battle 4th Enemy Group 9 Charging Hawk Group ******************************************************************************************************* As the 4th Enemy Group charges Imin's crossbow levies in Hawk Group, Imin hacks down the pair of pirates grabbing at his reins and turn to see Wolf Group and Owl Group have also moved in to engage the 4th Enemy Group. The pirates are surrounded, but in a last desperate attempt they try to cut their way free to get to their ships; 3 of Imin's men in Hawk Group are slain and 2 more in Wolf Group fall before the pirates are at last defeated. No more enemies stand upon the battlefield, but a ship full of a small number of pirates is making their way down-river, fleeing the battle. The sounds of moaning and suffering fill the air as the wounded cry out for mercy. The men-at-arms of Wolf Group make their way around, stabbing wounded pirates in the throat and carrying off wounded allies. Imin sees Sir Grimwald stand shakily to his feet, and by the blood running down his scalp and face sees how easy it was for the raiders to have mistaken him as dead. Imin and Sir Torvald make their way to Sir Fitzroy, still laying upon the ground but now tended by a soldier. Sir Fitzroy's face appears ashen and without color; a crossbow bolt protruding from his neck. The soldier says, "He died but a moment ago. And we would have joined him if it weren't for squire Imin." Sir Torvald clasps one hand upon Imin's back and takes his hand in the other, "They are right. Without your courage and leadership abilities, we might all be dead. Your group played a pivotal role in turning the battle towards our favor. To be truthful, I was worried when more pirates than I expected showed up. Sir Fitzroy would have been proud of you this day, and to honor his memory..." Torvald leans down and pulls Fitzroy's sword from where it lays nearby, "...I will knight you on this battlefield. Kneel Imin." Imin bends knee before Torvald. "You may be an elvish bastard but you're our elvish bastard. I dub thee Sir Imin the Golden! Rise!" With that, the men let out a cheer, none more-so than those survivors of Hawk Group. Surviving Men of Hawk Group: 9 *********************************************************************************** Imin rides back to the fort with the rest of the men and spends the following week under intense training by Sir Torvald. Imin learns the skill of the lance charge and jousting. He may now participate in jousting tournaments and when on horseback may make a lance charge dealing 3d6 damage to a single target or 1d6 to up to three targets when he charges an enemy from at least 60' away. Imin is now a SL rank 11, Knight Bachelor in the King's Army. His commission is 200gp per month, and he has been given command of up to 20 men. The survivors of Hawk Group are fiercely loyal to Imin, and would be willing to follow him if he left service. They are all level 1 fighting-men (crossbow levies) and their names are: Gerard Morgan Taggart Jacoby Cormac York Griggs Doogan Dagmar NOTE: Please keep in mind hireling limits adjusted by Charisma score. From this last month spent in service, Imin earns 60gp from his standard commision, plus another 60gp for seeing battle. Imin also earns 800xp from normal duties and 1,000xp from the battle. Total Gold Earned: 120gp Total XP Earned: 1,800xp
If anyone else wants me to share their downtime activities, I can go through my records and make a post for you as well. There are already many such tales to tell. There are stories such as: "Thea and the Deadly Bookshelf", "Ondraedon's 'Hard Time'", "Aurum and the Secret of Gold", and "Ramkis and the Dreams of the Forgotten City".