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Wednesday 2/18/15 Session


Edited 1424361160
Total GOLD and XP earned this adventure: 5790gp and 35,784xp Each player receives: 828gp and 5112xp plus an additional 2,000xp for each player character for the diamond with engraved Dwarven Sigil (worth 2,000gp if sold). Remember that if you brought a companion you may share any amount of xp with them, but you are required to give them half your share of the loot (except Tombalku). ******************************************************************************************************************* Participating Players: Ondraedon/Fred (Cleric), Ramkus/Rich (Cleric), Curtis/John (Mage), Lorielle/James (Mage), Emery/Blaze (Thief), Zio/Blake (Thief), Marcus/Chris (Fighter) - 7 Players Lorna, Elberon, Kuroba(formerly known as Tombalku) - 3 NPCs Killed 4 6+1HD*** Basalisks Killed 7 2HD*** Ghouls Killed 13 HD3+2* Plutonian Worms Obtained floating white/black Diamond(1000g), orbiting Ruby(300g), orbiting Sapphire(700g), Wolf Pelt(20g), Potion of Growth Killed 3 4HD*** Probably Werewolf Ghouls Obtained 3500 gp, 7500 cp , 270 gp Killed 3 3+1HD*** Carrion Crawler, 6 1/2 HD Larvae Killed(and burned) 4 6+3HD*** Trolls Ramkus & Lorna leave Obtained a Crystal Ball of ESP Killed 3 7HD** Wyverns Each player character is given 1 diamond engraved with the sigil of the Dwarven Colony(A Dwarven Diamond)(It could sell for 2000g, but we might not want to sell, could be important later)(Ramkus gets one too)
Xp and gold has been updated.
> Obtained a Crystal Ball of ESP Schweet!
Oh yeah. I never heard anyone roll for the loot. John simply grabbed everything and claimed it as his.
John and James were the only spell-slingers. James didn't want it. Loot claimed. But there is talk of a roll-off for that Wand of Fireball that we have in party loot.
Holy hell guys, nice session. I will be absent for another 2 or so weeks, just ordered internet so it will be a little while. Oh and Steve, as of a week or so ago Ka'Gron will be delving into the guild system of becoming a smith.
There is also the potion of growth and the orbiting gems if someone wanted to buy it from the party.
I would be willing to purchase the Orbiting Gems from the party loot (as well as the wolf pelt, Lorna likes it) if no one else wants to buy them.
Mark off 2020 gold then Rich and you've got them.
Ok very cool.

Edited 1424401727
Lorielle really wants more fireballs. Boom. Zio is a paralysis magnet. Kuroba forgot how to use a longbow. Curtis made a giant slug where there wasn't one. Marcus is low in levels, but big in not getting killed. Ramkus, I intervention you. Get right with Krotus. Something is up, and we either need to know what you know, or try to fix your symptoms.
So I forgot to check forums yesterday and evidently no one heard me when I said Emery is claiming all gems he finds as part of his share of the treasure. Thus far he has made a beeline for all our gem aquisitions lately and risked himself for them, because he likes his shinies. He claimed the 20 Starlike Diamonds(1000g each), trading 20k gold for it once we got back to Stilt Town, he traded 1k gold for the Green Gem(500g) and the Red Gem(500g), and traded 2k gold for the Black/White Diamond(1000g), Orbiting Ruby(300g) and the Orbiting Sapphire(700g). I have plans for these, espeically testing if the orbiting gems circle only the Black/White Diamond or if a Starlike Diamond will due, and if Starlike Diamonds still float, and if the Orbiting Gems will float or do anything without the Black/White Gem, or will they seek it no matter where it is, and such.
Ok, so doing this: any time you want the gem you need to call out in the session thread that you want a gem/s and remove the full value in gold of the gem from your character sheet. I'll let you have them this time, but in the future make sure to post in the thread you are taking the gems. If Ramkus still particularly wants them you will have to roll off for them next session.
FYI Lucien wants to roll off for any magic-user wands or the like if its in Party Loot. Thank you. However, I will not be able to make it to session tonight (Friday) and probably not Sunday either unfortunately. Lucien and Marcus are posting their thoughts on the Island Fortifications on the fortifications related thread. Have a good adventure tonight guys!
I want to roll for the stones!
Yeah I think I will roll for them as well.