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Looking for 1 serious roleplayer to fill a spot, ongoing Rise of the Runelords game, Fridays 10PM EST.

The title says it all, pretty much. What I've got is 4 players, and we're currently looking for a fifth. So I'm opening up this avenue to take some applications and maybe find someone who will mesh really well with out group. What we are: We're 4 players plus me, the DM, a few of whom have been playing together now for quite some time. It's a slow campaign, and we're happy to do some sessions that run no combat at all, rather just hanging out and engaging with NPCs, though combat does happen often enough and tends to be an...interesting affair a lot of times. We play via Skype voice (mic is mandatory) at 10PM on Fridays. What I'm looking for: The kind of player I think will work best with this group is one that can really spend some time constructing and interesting character that brings a new aspect to the table roleplay-wise, and has no problem speaking up and making themselves a presence. We don't necessarily need a "face" for the party, but that doesn't mean we're looking for background players. Someone who can spend some time figuring out the setting on their own, and then be ready to dive right in and explore it with the group. I'm also looking for someone who is comfortable with me, the DM, doing what I can to maintain challenge for the group. The biggest thing this means is that I've done a lot of work to carve meta-knowledge out of the game almost entirely. Most skill rolls are done without the player seeing the result, and players never deal with their own XP and stuff. I intend to work with any player to give them a solid versing in the setting and help them craft a character that is interesting, fits the world well, and provides plenty of ways for the player to interact and engage with the world. We're looking for someone awesome to make our group their home and finish this campaign with us. If you're interested, get in touch with me with a brief explanation of your game experience, and what you're specifically looking for in a campaign, and we'll see if you're the right fit.
hey I'm new to table top gaming but saw this post and figured it sounds like fun, also it fits my schedule is the spot still open? -marshall
Bump. Yes I do have a spot open, though I'd generally prefer people with experience. This is an ongoing campaign, not really a beginner tutorial.
I have only ever played 3.5 D&D, but I am myself an avid roleplayer, and rather good at making interesting characters just for the sake of it. I would be interested to get the details of this campaign and system and see if I am a fit for you.
I'm interested, I'm usually more into RP-Heavy games rather than straight up combat heavy games, but the time doesn't work for me, I hope y'all can find another!
I sent you a PM
Hey, I'm an experienced tabletop gamer but have only played Pathfinder once and have loved it! If you guy are still looking for a guy to fill that spot I'm game!

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I have quite a bit of Pathfinder experience already and I've recently had a few character ideas that I'd want to run. However, what time does your campaign run till every night? Not sure I can make it if it runs too late at night. EDIT: Ah, I saw in a previous topic that it runs 4-5 hours. Probably too late at night for me. Good hunting though!
I'm highly interested in being able to join. I'm mostly been a GM for the last several years for Pathfinder in my own homebrew game. I've got experience with roll20 as well. One of my players conferences in via Roll20. Right now I've been getting the itch to play. I'm huge fan of roleplay over rollplay. I like for characters to focus on in-character motivations over player desire for loot. I'll be happy see what I could contribute.