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Completely new to this(forgive me!)

How do I submit my character? I have a rough idea in mind of a character I would like to play as. Would a swashbucker be permitted? Like I said. New to D&D in general.

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You can print up a character sheet and have it on paper, or you can ask Steve(Counting Wizard) to give you a character sheet in the campaign if you'd prefer to have it digitally. Also, in this D&D 0E campaign the only classes alowed are Fighting-Man, Magic-User, Cleric and Thief. There is also a Fighting-Man varient called Ranger, which has some cool powers if you wanna look at that, the post is here <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> and otherwise all normal classes are in the Planet Eris House Rules/OD&D Rules found on the main page for the campaign, but I'll link it here as well <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> . If you want to play as a Fighting-Man and roleplay him as some kind of Swashbuckler, that's fine, but there is not a Swashbuckler class or anything. EDIT: When you say you're new, does that mean you don't know how to roll up a character at all? Or what? If you want my help, you can click Join Game on the main page, we can chat about it and I can help you make a character if you want. I'll be in there for a while, so hop in, if it hasn't been too long, I might still be in there.
I'll be there in a second.