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Wednesday 2/25/15 Session


Edited 1425053267
ATTENTION NEW PLAYERS, READ THIS: Kelrath and Lydia are now level 3 and possesses 4,279xp total each. Cain is now level 3 and possesses 3,279xp . Ignore all other xp numbers listed for this adventure (but keep the gold). This is because players may only level once per adventure, and there was a bunch of extra xp you earned for the first adventure that you couldn't keep because it brought you to the limit of level 2 (1xp away from level 3). I did the calculations for you. The second adventure of the session brought you into level 3. Total gold and XP earned this session was: 31,300gp and 47,832xp. Each player receives: 3,130gp and 4,784xp Each companion receives any amount of XP you wish to share with them, but a half share of your gold (except Kuroba). No mercenaries, henchmen, or hirelings were used this adventure; so no adjustments are needed. All Clerics that hold a position of responsibility in a Temple or Cult (This applies to Ramkus only) must tithe 10% of their earned treasure to the Temple. ******************************************************************************************** Participating Players: Ramkus/Rich (Cleric?), Curtis/John (Mage), Emery/Blaze (Thief), Kelrath/Don (Fighter), Caine/Robert (Cleric), Lydia/Cpt. Blackheart (Fighter), Brody/Fred (Fighter), Lorielle/James (Mage) Marcus/Chris (Fighter), Malifoi/Norm (Mage)- 10 Players Kuroba - 1 NPC Obtained 6 Smallish Amber Gems(250g each) Killed four 6+3 HD*** Purple Troll & their sand pit Killed one 8+3 HD*** Three-Headed Troll Survived encounter with Lord Virez and his two stygian guards. Obtained 5 gems(5000g each), Evil Staff(4000g) Turned two Wights Killed one 7HD** Wyvern Obtained 8000 Silver, 4000 Gold Killed four 4HD*** Scorpians
Experience and gold has been updated in the original post. Blaze earns an additional 479xp for doing the record keeping this week. If you wish to do the record keeping the next session, you will earn 10% more xp for that session. You must declare you are record keeping before the session, and if two people want to do it and don't want to give up the position, they can roll off (with a d20) and see who will earn the xp for that week. In addition I am offering a 10% xp or gold (500 minimum amount) bounty for someone to write up a summary of the events that took place this session. This is more detailed account of what happened than what the list shows above. You can go into as much or little detail as you want, but all major events and possibly key pieces of information should be written down. Its a fun experience, but I don't have time to do it anymore since I need to work on additional content for you guys during the week. The above "bard" bounty and record keeper reward are offered every week. These two positions are vital to helping the campaign flourish, since it allows me to accurately award xp and gold, as well as providing a more detailed account that myself or others can reference for what occurred during a session.
So far I've collected the 20 Floating Starlike Diamonds(1000g each), the Green Gem Button(500g), the Red Gem Button(500g), the White/Black Floating Diamond(1000g), the Orbiting Ruby(300g), the Orbiting Sapphire(700g). For a total of 23k in gems, and I have 6549g left right now, which I'd like to trade for one of the 5000g gems from the Wednesday Night game,(What were their colors Steve?) and 1500g for the 6 Amber Gems of Resist Turning. All these gems would retain value for later trading like normal gems we'd trade the dwarves for, right?
Gems retain their value yes. The colors of the 5,000gp gems were red, blue, green, purple, clear.
Malifoi would like to purchase (or roll off for) two of the 5000gp gems. purple, clear. I don't believe the amber gems we got radiate magic, but if they do Malifoi will want to roll off for them. The Staff of Evil Sauce should go to, if they are unavailable or don't want it for some reason. Malifoi will take/roll-off/pay 4000gp for it.

Edited 1425076868
How about a roll off for the gems, and not as a lot this time. If these are ioun stones they each have a different possible bonus. Everyone in the group should be interested in obtaining these for use! *DELETED BY DM*
I liked your write ups Freddy :)
You guys had detect magic up and going when you were viewing all of these gems. They were not magical except that one which I said had residual magic that is now gone.

Edited 1425076855
Amanda the Amazon
Sheet Author
Emery would like the Green gem then, can't afford all of them unfortunately. But yeah, is the green gem an Emerald? Or what?
Lorielle would like to roll on an amber gem, and the green, clear, and blue gems.

Edited 1425078792
If it's just one, I don't mind, I'll relinquish one amber gem to Lorielle(I'll forfeit the roll on just one amber gem I mean), do keep in mind, you are collecting it as your part of the treasure and will have to buy the gems from the party loot, put your gold into the treasure to take the gems out of it. However, Emery wants the green gem, very badly. It is afterall his namesake gem, an emerald.
No other interest stated in Blue gem, Lorielle assumes victory, and passes on clear.