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Any interest in Mage the Awakening?

So, after having had my regular gaming group flake out not twice but thrice for online games (it would appear they prefer our weekly, or sometimes biweekly, RL gaming) I am now considering simply running something with people I find online. My first thought is lightly modified MtA (slight adaptions to the magic system, to streamline it a bit) and hence I am wondering if there is any interest for such a thing.
what kind of adaptations? but yeah, i'd be interested
I'm interested. I have the core book, but have never played before.
Do you mean Biweekly twice a week, or Biweekly once every two weeks?  I hate homographs.
intrested but need to know what day and time you are planing on running this. also what time zone you are in.
See I love mage, like a lot, so show me where to sign my soul away, definitely interested.
Well, it definitely looks like there is interest, so here goes. If I start this game it will most likely be held at 18:00 to 22:00 on Tuesdays GMT+1 (longer or shorter possible, as per group request). And as to the term biweekly I meant twice in a week, but that is something that usually happens when two of us GM different things. With these times in mind, which of you would still be interested and/or be able to participate?
i would defiantly still be interested but is it possible to do it on different day or not?
Can I be a part of this wonderful idea?
The day isn't set in stone, and as for whether you can or not Martyn I will have five slots for players each session (reservation system will be in use), and at current do not intend to turn anyone who can show up and play reliably away.
count me in, what is the rules changes, time period which the game will happen and city which it is going to happen
alright, yeah, still interested. also, since which day seems to be up for discussion: if the start time's going to be around 1800 gmt+1, then monday and thursday work best for me (though i can do pretty much any weekday)
I'm thinking modern era, the city is as of yet undecided but I am leaning towards a fictional one made using real maps. As for rule changes they will be some minor ones to A: make paradox less manageable and predictable, B: extended castings more involved and time-consuming (while also potentially more powerful) and, lastly, C: make the casting variables a bit less clunky. There will be a complete list in the game forum.
Alright, so this campaign is going to be happening. If you want to participate please send me a PM and I will send you an invite link. (this offer is good for 24 hours, after which joining will be entirely dependent on number of current reliable participants) The exact day is going to be discussed in the game forum but it will be a weekly event for which one reserves a spot (first five to PM the GM) and that starts at 18:00 GMT+1 (for now).
Ok, we have two sign-ups so far, so a fair deal of space left for anyone who wishes to jump onto the (very small) bandwagon. :)
if this is still being organized id love to join, only thing is what days is the game being run? im good for Monday Wednesday Friday and Sunday
The group has six players for five spots at the moment, all of the aforementioned appear to be active and participate in the games, so for now there is no more space available, though this might change in the future as players become inactive or disappear. At the moment we are playing Wednesday, 18:00 GMT+1 (Sweden)