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REALLY Concerned for Ramkus

So guys, what should we do about this. I do not want my friend turning into some unstable demigod. I was thinking maybe we could sleep him and maybe that would pause the transformation until we can get him to help? I just know Rich has put a lot of time into Ramkus and Ka'Gron views him as a close friend and doesn't want any harm to befall him, especially not by the parties hands when he turns on us.
That is a good idea Jesse, Ondraedon(Fred) communed with Krotus and got word of magic water that can cure any infliction. But it is in the hands of some cultists. Which seems like our best bet. Sleeping Ramkus however may cause Akurra to take control... not sure how that may work. Now there is a chance that I can defeat Akurra in a battle of the minds/wills thus completing the transformation and taking control of the Akurra form. Or I could end up losing myself to greed and power, becoming chaotic, and making Akurra's goals my own. Which is subjugation of all the races of Eris and the destruction of the Fomonians. Or I could simply be replaced by Akurra's mind and will and Ramkus will be no more.
Is there anything that can be done to strengthen Ramkus' will for such a battle?
This is an ancient immortal elven demigod, I think we should go for the scroll first, save that for last unless striking first would help, even if he is a fragment of a consciousness. But I hear that that will be a long dangerous journey.
What scroll?
Oh, I meant that spell that Freddy got, don't know where scroll came from, all I know is Freddy said there was a fix, but it would take an arduous journey.

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Give in to your fate. Embrace the power. Become as a god to these jealous ants who foolishly believe their scratchings even matter. Also if you need pointers on how to act properly Chaotic, I'm your man. Hugs and Tentacles, Malifoi
Oooo look at me, I'm evil. I stand as far away from the action as I can and throw lightning bolts and little glowing balls of light, pew pew. LAME! Brody can teach you what it means to be evil! You haven't lived until you've looked a beast in the eyes while you bring your axes together in it's brain dome.
Nobody touches Ramkus without speaking to Lorielle, or they answer to Lorielle. She dove into a death pit to save his pretty hide, and came up with nothing but an ornery troll and skinny mage in her arms.
Not skinny, not a mage, a Sorcerer, soon to be a Wizard. One who's would encourage you to show restraint and not kill a third of the party because you got over eager to open an obviously trapped wardrobe.
Skinny compared to big, beautiful Ramkus magic man rang the dinner bell for the trolls and got my heart taken under the sand by a troll.
I think since I may lose control of myself from time to time to Akurra I should start sleeping in a locked room or cell even. Jesse can tell who I am or who is in control of me with his ESP amulet too just to be sure when it is safe to let me out. Also, it must be a top priority that we do not let Akurra know where the god slaying sword is.
What God slaying sword?
You wield it Amanda! Chrysoar is our artifact, we nerfed it (by doing the right thing), but it can be re-loaded by another deity.
Freddy B. said: You wield it Amanda! Chrysoar is our artifact, we nerfed it (by doing the right thing), but it can be re-loaded by another deity. *whispers, "I know that, I don't want *HIM* to know that"*
I've never greased a god, be nice to have that on the bucket list. Let's do it!
Lets just buy like 100 casks of high grade wine and go haul em to Anubis and bribe him to put power in it. Im buying.
There is some high test goat wine in Durthos.
John T. said: Not skinny, not a mage, a Sorcerer, soon to be a Wizard. One who's would encourage you to show restraint and not kill a third of the party because you got over eager to open an obviously trapped wardrobe. I agree with this. The wardrobe was obviously the most suspicious thing I'd heard of. And.. yet, the first idea was to open it without warning anyone. I question that to be honest, and I really would like some warning before something like that happens again. Wasn't really all that excited about it knowing that 4 people in the party died and needed to be ressed. Side note, Ramkus is pretty blasted powerful, wouldn't this more or less be a battle of wills between them? Because from what I understand, Ramkus is a really valuable party member in my eyes since all the healing and such. Besides, I don't see why anyone would attack him over this. Think of the repercussions. There's some decent fighters in the party, sure, but it'd be 2 against the rest of us. They could cause some serious damage, if not potentially kill us off. My idea is.. why not find some way to keep him from being controlled? Sorta like the 'Nine Tailed Fox' seal from Naruto.. does something like that exist somewhere?

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The gong with the rhyme specifically saying to stay silent in that room wasn't somehow more obvious a trap? Judge by action, not outcome. As a player, there's no way I'm touching the gong or the wardrobe without some precautions and clearing the room. Lorielle, after having just watched the tall dark and handsome Ramkus get hauled underground because someone couldn't keep their hands off the obvious trap? Zero Fraks Given. Distraught mother / sister / lover / daughter RP time. Had the death gas come out of any one of the three other traps tripped, would you still say Lorielle's transgression the worst?
Someone was going to open that armoir! Lorielle just acted first. Unfortunate, but there are bad things all over this world that mean to cause us harm. Don't judge any character by one action, Brody and Ondraedon will take a spell slinger like Lorielle along on a quest anytime! Lorielle and Curtis (both guilty of the gong and armoir) have saved our rears many times with their spells. Sleep, fireball, magic missiles that can't miss... they're hitting beasts for 1-30ish points, us lowly brawlers on a really good roll in the teens. Loves me a good magic man! Do you really think that even if we handn't touched the gong there weren't going to be trolls in the next room!? How long would it have taken us to figure out a way to open the armoir without setting off the poison trap? By that account half the party should hate who ever was calling the night we met Xylarthan for the first time and he killed half our party with that single ice bolt. We all opted to try to run from the storm when our ship sank. We make bad decisions, people get dead. It's going to continue to happen. Regarding Ramkus... there is a whole other thread regarding what is happening to him that you should read. We've been questing together for months now and we're probably going to get in over our heads trying to save his dumb ass for putting on that armor, but Lorielle would never forgive us for not trying. Again, someone was going to put on the armor, Rich just happened to win the dice toss that day. If I have to go as Brody, it's that character looking forward to getting to possibly slay a deity. If I go as Ondraedon, I'm scared as hell about what's happening to my friend/fellow cleric and I want it to stop. Your best bet is to endear yourself to the party and become a member worthy of receiving a heal/cure/raise spell on!
Kevin the Barbarian
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Damn, I feel like I'm missing out on so much.
Lorielle likes Ramkus an irresponsible amount BECAUSE of the armor. Without it, he's only pretty cool, not superamazing. I know the trolls were probably in the room either way. Lorielle blames the gong.
Hey, least we got to knock the trolls around and teach them a lesson eh?