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This Wednesday's Session and potential Saturday game

So I'm not yet done creating the adventure to the Chaos Temple where the healing water is being held. It will likely require an expedition with overland travel as well. Given both these factors, it would be best to postpone this adventure until we can run a 6 to 8 hour game on Saturday. Assuming you guys can get enough people to show up and feel comfortable about it, the minimum amount for me to run this would be 5. However I don't want to punish Ramkus for this delay, so I'm going to temporarily pause his transformation from progressing until just before the adventure on Saturday (since normally I would give him the changes that occurred just before the normal sessions). This means Wednesday is a free game day where yall can either do The Tree of Woe (to try and obtain an anti-level drain amulet) or go back down into the Palace. I could finish up Fire Mountain with about a day worth of work, but I didn't hear anyone mention they wanted to do this. Any thoughts?
Would tree of Woe include Ondraedon? Krotus sort of told him to get something from there...
Sure. But only for the Tree of Woe.
That is really cool of you Steve for looking into setting aside a special time and day for the Chaos Temple quest. I feel pretty special right about now. As for tomorrow's game I have always wanted to check out the tree of woe.
It's just north of the Pit of Despair right? Rich don't forget to pack Resist Fire for the tree, we're going to need it. But whatever ya'll want to do. If Brody survives Norm's adjudicating you know he'll be down with some hack and slash anywhere!
Kevin the Barbarian
Sheet Author
API Scripter
I should be able to make tomorrow's game but probably can't do Saturday. Busy during the day and run a Swords & Wizardry game at 7:30pm.
What happened to Brody? Bronwynn appreciates Brody's unique style of negotiations.
I'm all up for it. Let's knock some monsters around.
I am definitely in.
So a quick note to new players. Bring one or two backup characters so you can keep playing after you die in battle. Don't lose heart, it's about the journey not the destination.
Actually it's all about the loots! Write a in game will so new character can totally scam all the treasure of "what's his name?" dead guy/gal. Also, Malifoi will be conducting unwholesome experiments this evening and is unable to attend your little "adventure".
It's all about the revenge. Revenge, and Ramkus' huggable musclebutt. - Lorielle
Delaying the Saturday game until 12 noon CST. Its taking me a bit longer to finish the notes than I thought it would.
Another game I play in is a super creepy horror campaign. The DM really knows how to make skin crawl. But nothing in that has disturbed as much as the following line. > Ramkus' huggable musclebutt. - Lorielle
I don't know what happened to Ramkus in the Temple of Suck, but he seems to have lost a little something. He's still a hottie, but somehow too real. Who knows? I must have noticed his pores.