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Looking for a Game Master

Our old GM disappeared on us and we'd still like to get together and play a regular game. We aren't picky on the system only that it must be a regular campaign. We are from all around the world so the GM must be flexible with our regular playing date. Feel free to post what systems you want to run and what dates you are available (per week) and we'll get back to you.

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Long-time GM, looking for 4-6 creative/engaged players to start epic-scale campaign. Being from around the world is a plus, if we match on time availability and gameplay interests. System: AD&D 2nd Edition with several alternative options turned on, and a few things removed/simplified for less dice / more narrative imagination. It's high fantasy, high magic, with long term character development spread out from starting as a weak/flawed 1st level origin story, on up to eventual heroes of good, with lots of twists/turns, mysteries and conflicts along the way. Some classic D&D adventure modules are possible along with homebrewed world setting adventures, regional and potentially global in the longer run. Players who write journals or make illustrations/drawings week to week would be especially great applicants for this. Day of Week would be offered, flexible arrangement ongoing schedule, for Monday or Wednesday (most likely), times of Early to Mid-Afternoon in USA (this is like Wednesday evening to night in UK-Europe... and is Thursday Morning in Australia). If that sounds like something that would work for your group, please send me a message about your group composition & availability.