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Wednesday 3/4/2015 Session

Total Gold and XP: 65,970gp and 104,070xp Total players: 10 Individual Gold and XP: 6,597gp and 10,407xp NOTE: Remember to pay and/or share xp with any hirelings/henchmen/companions that were brought along this adventure. If you are a Temple Cleric, also ensure that you tithe 10% of your treasure to the church. If you earn enough XP to level more than once from this adventure, you are capped at 1xp shy of your next level. You can only increase by one level per adventure. Let me know if you need help determining what your xp is. Rolf (Ken) will gain 6,597gp and 2,999xp this adventure, putting him at level 2, just shy of level 3. When you gain a level, roll your HD and add/subtract any class HD adjustments (fighting men +1, clerics +0, M-U or Thief -1) and add/subtract any constitution bonuses/penalties. If you roll a 1 and you have a -1 or more penalty, mark that you have gained 1 hp. NOTE: The majority of XP came from magic items and the extreme luck of gem rolls. Present in your gems was a rare 50,000gp gem (a result of four 1's in a row on a 1d6, which caused the gem to be one category higher for each 1.) Below is a description of the magic items: Ring of Spell Storing: NOTE:This ring allows ANY character to make use of the spells stored within telepathically. However the spells can only be recharged by a magic-user who must cast that spell back into the ring. 0x indicates that the rune on the ring containing that spell has been used up and needs to be recharged. Casting spells in this manner still requires a full round of action with no movement allowed, however you cannot be interrupted by attacks since there is no verbal or gesture component to casting the spell (unless you want to for show). 0x Fireball 0x Feeblemind 1x Plant Growth 1x Control Weather 1x Darkness 5' radius Amulet of Life Protection: Grants full immunity from level drain and other soul stealing spells, providing magical protection to your life force. This is an artifact quality item left-over from some ancient war against the undead, and would be impossible to duplicate. Its effect is always present as long as the user is wearing the amulet. Bag of Holding Holds large amounts of loot/items without burdening the player. Exact rules for this are in the LBB and I'll refer to them if necessary. +1 Lawful Sword 18 int/ego Detects Traps 3x/day Detects Sloping Passages (always active) Detects Magic within a 10' radius (unlimited activation, but not always active) Communicates to its wielder via empathy Potion of Animal Control +1 Lawful Sword, +2 vs Magic Users or Enchanted Monsters (summoned/magic monsters) Ring of Invisibility NOTE: I may decide to adjust the mechanics of this at a later time, but lets see how much fun this could be if there are no limits. Anytime when put on, it makes the character invisible until removed. If the character dies while the ring is on them, they will remain invisible. Monsters may still be made aware of you simply by hearing your movements, seeing your effect on the environment, smelling your presence, sensing your life force, or simply seeing invisible. Unless fighting creatures that can sense your life force or see invisibility, a thief may maintain their stealth or become hidden again, by making a "move silently check". The way invisibility works is that if a creature thinks you are in a certain place, they can attack you there at a -4 penalty assuming you are where they attacked. If a thief sneaks silently away, the monster will be unable to determine exactly where you are and won't be able to directly attack you with a targeted attack. At no point in any of the above mechanics will a character become visible again due to their own actions, unless they have removed the ring.
I'd like to purchase up to 10k of the other random gems.
Ka'Gron will receive word of this and offer whatever amount of gold to whoever for the magic ring of spell storing. And or the bag of holding. I have 40,000 gold minimum. Name your price.
Lucien holds the ring, Curtis the bag.