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Multiple (3) Light Sources Per Token

Have 3 Light Sources Per Token. This comes up a lot for tokens with darkvision in 5E who are also carrying a light source (for the other party members, or because their sword glows, or they are faerie fired, etc.) They need one light source that is visible to only them, that is 60' with dim starting at 0' and then other sources that are visible to all players. The workaround now is to make tokens for those extra light sources. This would declutter the map by allowing the additional light sources to all be on the token.
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Upvoted. Multiple forms of vision would be very very helpful - especially for 5e as mentioned.
Voted as well - i'm running into this exact problem also
Same problem in pathfinder
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Same in GURPS too.
Brian C.
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It also needs the ability for the player to turn the light sources on or off so that you can turn the torch on or off.

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Mike W.
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+1 GURPS! Make it to be easily switchblade, by the Token owner, to turn on or off the effect. Like a Flashlight or Lantern or Night Vision Goggles. To be able to configuring the starting point of a Vision that is not 360 degrees. Currently it starts in the UP direction of a Top Down token and most of those types of Tokens are facing DOWN. You have to manual flip the token to get the proper effect, it would be nice if we did not have to do that. More than 3 options as well.
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Updated Dynamic Lighting accomplished nearly all of these requests and some additional features. Each token can now have Dim Light, Bright Light, and Night Vision (which requires no other light sources, and can only be seen by the Player controlling the token with Night Vision.) Both Vision and Light have directional inputs that determine Direction as well as Field.