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[API][Numenera] Cypher Roller


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Greetings dear Numenera players. I come to you today with a script that will save you time, and reduce the amount of time you spend looking up in Cypher tables. The script itself allows you to easily roil for a completely random cypher in any of your installed modules, or a random cypher from a specific module. It is a very easy script to use, and I shall give you the instructions. Instructions The command is "!c (Player)@(Module)@(Cypher Number) The Player argument can be left empty or you can enter "all" if you want all players to receive it, otherwise you can enter a partial name of a player, and they will receive the cypher. The Module argument is the specific module, this can be "Tech" or "Core" depending on which you have installed, or put in "r" if you want it to roll. You can supply the Module argument to roll a random cypher in a specific module. The Cypher Number argument is the specific cypher, this can be between 0 and 99 for example, or put in "r" if you want it to roll. The basic format to roll a random cypher is: "!c @r@r". If you want to test it, join this campaign. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Two good macros you might find useful is: This one is for just rolling a random cypher !c @r@r This one is for sending it to a specific player, or for rolling a specific cypher, or rolling on a specific set. It gives you popups so you can type in a specific module and a specific cypher number. Remember if you only type in a specific module it will roll a random cypher in that module. !c ?{Player|All}@?{Module|r}@?{Number|r}@r@r Required Main Module: Pastebin (Required for any of the modules to work) Roll-Template: Pastebin (Required for the proper formatting of the chat messages) How to install : Copy and paste the Main Module into an API Script, and copy and paste the Roll-template into the character sheet HTML. Modules: Core Book Module: Pastebin Technology Compendium: Pastebin How to install: Copy and paste the desired modules into the bottom of your API ScriptIf you have any questions about this script, be free to ask. And if you create any alternative Roll Templates or more modules I will be very happy if you contact me, and I will most likely add them to the list. Also if there is any problems, bugs or feature requests, please post it in this forum. If it is a bug, make sure to explain how you encountered it, and what you did. I will make sure to read it, and possibly fix it if I can recreate it. Thank you very much for reading this, and I hope you find it useful :)
Hi Nicolai.. I am about to start a Numenera Campaign and would love to use you modules. I am not very technical though and cannot get them to work? Any help aimed at a tech nobice most welcome
Sure, just add me to skype and I will help you out step by step :)

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thank you I have PM'd you my skype as I am not sure what yours is ...:)
I'm having an issue getting this to work with the latest update to either Roll20 or to the tabbed sheet. Do you have any insight?