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CSS selector not being processed


Edited 1425880511
Sheet Author
API Scripter
So this is really weird; the first selector in the CSS file for the Unknown Armies sheet is: div.sheet-madness { position: relative; padding: 0px 25px 0px 25px; } As expected, when I view the page source for the VTT, I see a style element in the header with: .charsheet div.sheet-madness { position: relative; padding: 0px 25px 0px 25px; } However, the checkboxes in the madness divisions are not lining up correctly. When I inspect the styles on the div, I get nothing at all: All of the other styles on the sheet appear to be working fine, including the selectors div.sheet-madness > input[type="checkbox"].sheet-madness and div.sheet-madness:last-child > input[type="checkbox"].sheet-madness + span::before . I don't understand what's wrong. The character sheet is largely usable even with this problem, however it makes the Hardened notches look uneven, the Failed notches are off-center, and there's 10 absolutely-positioned checkboxes that are nowhere near where they're supposed to be. (They're used to zero-out the Hardened and Failed tracks, which only happens with psychotherapy, so I don't expect it would get used much.) Anyone have an idea what could be causing this, or has run into it before?

Edited 1425908286
Sheet Author
I have run into something similar when the first line of the css file was a comment and the first declaration in the stylesheet was seemingly ignored. Removing the first line comment was enough to fix it for me and I passed on the details to the dev's. This was on the dev server whilst testing the 5e sheet updates idea if the same would have been true on live. Not sure if that is what is happening here but the behaviour that results seems very familiar.