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Toilet Paper: Hanging In Front of the Roll, or Behind the Roll?

Pierre S.
Well?  Which should it be?
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
depends on the cat. <a href=";v=1SjGpgnN760" rel="nofollow">;v=1SjGpgnN760</a>
Front. Otherwise my wife will divorce me.
Forum Champion
In my case it is behind to prevent it from becoming a cat toy.&nbsp; - Gauss
Kristin C.
Roll20 Team
My cats have not yet discovered that a roll of toilet paper can serve as entertainment. *knocks on her plywood computer desk just in case* Gotta say, never has the Off-Topic Forum had a more fitting thread to sit inside it. *chuckles* Well done.
Butter side up, err I mean in front of the roll. &nbsp;Don't know if I ever tried it the other way in my home and have always found it odd if I am somewhere and it is behind the roll.
Melvin McSnatch said: Front. Otherwise my wife will divorce me. This.