Like the title says, I'm an experienced Pathfinder DM who very rarely gets a chance to be a player, and by rarely I mean never. I'm looking to get into the saddle and find an interesting group to be a part of. What I enjoy in my games is slow pacing, low-power/no rocket tag, and lots of roleplay. If the game is a hack-and-slash dungeon crawl, it would have to be a great concept to rope me in. The games I DM tend to be slower and give players plenty of time to meet and interact with the world around them and give the events and characters room to breathe without feeling rushed. I tend to like more realistic, subdued settings, preferring core races of interesting characters to a party of min-maxed optimizers or Kitsune/Grippli/Tengu/whatevers rolling around in a human setting like it's no big deal. As far as content, there's tons of things I'd like to play, various Adventure Paths (Jade Regent, Mummy's Mask, Shattered Star are some), third party adventures like Slumbering Tsar, Razor Coast, Ravenloft, Ptolus, etc. Though I have no problem with homebrew as long as it's like, really well done. Character-wise, I don't tend to play casters, I prefer to stick to martials even if it might not make sense from an optimizing perspective. Currently, I'm really itching to try out a character that dips into the Path of War maneuver-based classes, so a game that is willing to entertain almost-official third party classes would be ideal. I stick to voice games, not really interested in text. I know it's a common thing these days, and I have no problem if the group records or streams either. So if you've got a game starting and could use a solid roleplayer to fill your ranks, contribute my collection of resources, and enjoy a game, drop me a line.