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Wednesday 3/11/2015 Session Report


Edited 1426134163
Total gold and experience: 12,500gp and 26,975xp Gold and Experience per person: 2,084gp and 4,496xp Participants: Ondraedon/Fred, Ramkus/Rich, Marcus/Chris (Lucien for Strongmoor/Amon Sin), Curtis/John, Naral/Jesse, Lorielle/James Companions: Lorna and Kuroba Party opted to head for the palace and check out the final room on the 3rd floor, then venture down into the 4th floor to check out vampire town. We never made it to the palace. A few hexes into the island we were met by a tornado. Our elves were able to locate a cave for the party to hide in for shelter. Those in the party with plate took damage from the twister while racing for the cave. Upon arriving in the general safety of the cave, we found we were not alone. Also found in the cave were 6 gryphons. A major battle ensued. Lorna took serious damage, Marcus was KIA (and was partially consumed by 2 gryphons). Ramkus was eventually rendered unconscious by the beasts and Kuroba, blinded in the last adventure, was asked to stop acting against the creatures before he injured members of his own party (again). Many magic missiles were cast causing serious damage. One gryphon was poly-morphed into a hill giant and was able to distract some of the beasts long enough to allow the party to dispatch the ones closest to them in melee. Before the hill giant succumbed to attacks, 2 more gryphons came from the rear of the cave (making 8). Battle continued, some party members were forced to retreat due to the serious damage inflicted by the gryphons. Before the end of the conflict, more gryphons joined the fray. One was eventually paralyzed by a spell, but the rest were killed. Ondraedon was able to heal-up Ramkus and use Raise Dead on Marcus. The group opted to heal up, and rest. Then heal again and head back to Stilt Town. At this point some party members called it a night, so the remainder of the group opted to travel to Strongmoor to sell the eggs and take care of other business. Bob the dog trainer offered 800 gold each, then 1200. Party opted to hold off to see if we could get more. A quick trip to the wizard tower and the group decided to travel to Amon Sin to try our luck there. Upon arrival in Amon Sin we were met by 4 guards, they tried to hassle us. When they tried to get physical Curtis polymorphed the lead guard into a toad. When the others fled dispel magic was cast, but the guard made a note of Curtis and he is now wanted in Amon Sin. We then found a local beggar and paid him in gold to lead us to a magic seller. We were lead to a Temple of Set. Only Curtis and Naral were allowed inside, Lucien, Borbo and Ondraedon (even though he was invisible) were forced to wait outside. Inside the temple, Naral was told about the wonders of Set and was converted. He was given a dagger and a "coin". Curtis was lead to a room to speak with Ingus Kutha (Lord Wizard Priest). He inquired about 2 scrolls that the wizard priest did not have for sale. Angered at the disruption, Ingus demanded Curtis offer some form of payment. He wanted Curtis' Ring of Spell Turning, it was refused. He then wanted the bag of holding, it was refused. Curtis was able to trade a scroll of monster summoning for a large amount of gold. The group then found a trainer who bought the 2 gryphon eggs for 4000 gold. We traveled to the market and used detect magic to see if we could get lucky again. We were hounded by a huxster trying to sell his knives. Eventually wearing down Lucien, he was able to talk him into buying 5 knives... for 500 gold. Lucien regrettably did the honorable thing and handed over the gold (it was going to feed the guys family after all). As the huxster ran from the bazaar he was attacked by thieves who took his gold and the rest of his knives. Lucien went over to the man to give him 50 gold (in consolation to help feed the man's family), and Naral gave the man a bag with a coin in it. The man took the coin out to inspect it and was amazed by it. He then promptly died from poison. Naral knelt next to the man and called for the guards, they came quickly, but 4 of them were the same guards were the same one's we encountered when we first arrived. They saw Curtis and we were forced to act. Lucien cast Invisibility (10' rad) and the group was able to escape. We then returned to Stilt Town. Killed: 11 7HD gryphons*** Loot: 2 gryphon eggs (sold for 4000 gold), 5000 silver and 8000 gold

Edited 1426153542
I'm proud of my actions, I would kill again! Twice! Probably more!
Great write up Freddy. I am bummed my cold made me miss out on the city adventure. I really wish I could have heard Steve and Curtis go back and forth on those NPC encounters.
In case it wasn't already stated, record keeper gets +10% bonus to their individually received experience for the adventure, and story teller gets a straight 500 gold for selling the story to the bards guild.