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Change affecting PowerCards?

Samuel Penn
KS Backer
I've had PowerCards 2.3.5 installed on a production campaign for the last few weeks, and as of today it has started outputting everything twice. For example: Other macros are behaving as normal, but power cards output is being repeated. I haven't changed anything in my scripts, and it was working properly on the day the update of holding was released. The issue seems to have started today. Has there been an API change today?
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
When this happens, you can sometimes fix the issue by re-saving the powercards script. BTW, it is safe to update to the 2.4.5 version of Powercards now, because the Update of Holding has been applied to production servers.
Hmmm no API change. I thought we had this bug fixed. As GenKitty said, clicking Save Scripts again should fix the problem. Let me know if it doesn't or if this starts happening to you on a regular basis.
Riley D.
Roll20 Team
Whoops, posted on my test account. But that was indeed me, and not an imposter :-)
This happening on my old scripts campaign on the dev server. Copied the campaign and the new one has not had this problem
Samuel Penn
KS Backer
Just tested it again this morning, and it seems to be back to normal. I didn't need to re-save the script (or indeed, do anything other than go to bed), but I'll keep that in mind if it happens again. I'll look into updating PowerCards after tonight's game. Thanks for the suggestions.
Samuel Penn
KS Backer
The problem seemed to come back just before the game, but it was fixed by a re-save of the script. Does anyone have a link to version 2.4.5 of the PowerCards script? I've found one for 2.4.6, but that doesn't have a 'production server' tag.
2.4.6 is for both servers. Since the Update of Holding is out, the most up to date version is 2.4.6 now.