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DnD Next and Advantage

For those of you that have used roll20 for DnD Next, or are good with macros, what's the best way to roll using the DnD Next advantage mechanic. Advantage is the ability to roll 2d20 and use the higher of the two results.  For instance if you roll 2d20 with a +5 modifier, when you get a 10 and 16, the roll would add +5 to the roll of 16 and completely disregard the 10.    Disadvantage is the opposite of advantage, when you would want the modifier added to the lowest roll and disregard the higher roll.  Any help on this?  Thanks in advance. 
Forum Champion
For Advantage: /roll {2d20kh1}+5 For Disadvantage: /roll {2d20kl1}+5 - Gauss