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Wills and Testaments for the Lanthos Campaign

From here on out, to be honored Wills must be posted in this thread. Messages other than wills will be deleted. PM me questions or ask in other thread. Wills cost 10gp to register/change. There is 10-50% death tax [depending on how "lame" connection between old and new characters are, e.g. my companion would be 10%, my next character 50%]. The GP reserves right to eminent domain (pay gp in exchange for) dangerous items. [this is rare and only for "city" threatening items]. Wills should state who will is for, and clearly what is going to whom.
Place holder for Ondraedon's will... next character will be Shizukuishi...
Upon the death of Ramkus, all his earthly possessions and money shall be willed to Lorna his companion. If she is unable to take ownership of his belongings then his friend and former roommate Sulow will attain ownership of his belongings.
I, Lorielle din Allhumaire, do hereby bequeath to one of the most steadfast and trustworthy people I know, Kuroba of Boganda and the Tombalku, half of my gems, any weaponry he carries, my notes on translation between Tombalku and common, and enough coin to see him safely on whatever journey he undertakes. To the man who raised me as a human, taught me to chase my purpose, and saved me from my mistakes, Ghalt MacDermott, I bequeath all remaining earthly posessions.
Leka the fighting man is who all of Naral's belongings go to upon her death.
I, Theassel Rillilli, give all my shit to Violet Heartfinder. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Violet Heartfinder gives all of her wordly and otherworldly possessions to Thea the Thief. May they serve you better than they served me.
I, Lucien Broadcloak of Partholon, being of relatively sound mind (although some of the shit I saw during my apprenticeship with the great Wizard Emont the Summoner may have unbalanced me slightly); do hereby bequeath, bestow, devise, and transfer all of my worldly possessions to my brother Marcus Broadcloak in the event that I predecease him. Should Marcus predecease me, I bestow my possessions to Brother Paulson Gatt of the Church of El. Should Brother Paulson predecease me I leave all of my possessions to Ondradon or in the event that he predeceases me to the Lawful church of Ramkus' choosing. If all if those people predecease me, then who really gives a shit at that point.