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Crossfade Option in Jukebox for Smooth Transitions

Score + 26
Background music in the Jukebox would benefit from some mixing tricks. An option to allow crossfading on background music would be great! This would allow the simultaneous fading out of the current background track while fading in the new background track. This feature could even be manual with "fade out" / "fade in" buttons on the tracks.
The thing that seems difficult with the Jukebox is the sudden break created when changing tracks. It's a bit jarring. Even a 1 second fade would be better than an abrupt stop. I suppose this is a "polish" request.
Yeah I agree. A fade out & stop or cross-fade is definitely needed. Is there any work being done to improve the Jukebox?
I hope there are plans to finally sweep this lingering issue into the On Dev category.
I would also love to throw my support behind this, it would make those extended battle soundtracks I've lovingly put together really pop!
Would love to see this as a feature!
Nine years Later and this should have more eyes on it. Music is so integral to set a mood. Crossfade moves mood naturally.
Found this~: Might help some people <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>