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Adventure to the end of the Leprechauns' rainbow. Roll20 screenshots 3/17/15

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We played a Roll20 session on St. Patrick's Day in a new campaign, AD&D 2E -- an adventure in a homebrew world to the end of the Leprechauns' rainbow! This campaign uses voice & chat, largely theater-of-the-mind, creativity, narration and imagination, supplemented by pictures from the web source. The 3 PC's are a Kenku Transmuter, Rakasta Ninja-lady, and a Bullywug Conjurer mage. They didn't get the pot of gold (because that's very difficult) but they found 6 four-leaf clovers of luck, and one special shamrock that the lead leprechaun paid a bounty to retrieve. I make heavy use of visual backdrop images, and the GM's shift-Z to pop up a picture to full screen, but usually not grid maps. We also had 3 accordion songs playing at different volumes from the Soundcloud Jukebox as the party tracked-down a parade through the forest. There was even a hidden-shamrock picture hunt game that was a friendly competition between the Players using the Roll20 drawing tool, each time we entered a new scene. Here are some screenshots illustrating the way the adventure ran. Happy St. Pat's to all who celebrate!
The Aaron
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API Scripter
Very festive! Thanks for sharing! I love the clover hunt, great idea!
Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
HAHA! Nice indeed! Looks like it was a blast! Thanks for sharing!