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Naral's Painting of Our Latest Adventure

Naral will return to stilt town and go to her quarters where she keeps her painting supplies. After she awakens from her rest and recovery, a strong urge to capture her and her companions moment of triumph on canvas. She will paint the day through, and the next. She finally stepped away on the third day to view her work. A large canvas covered with hues that make your skin crawl more the longer you look at it. The painting is a north facing shot of the vampire sanctuary. At each occupied copy stand Naral, Durus, Conan, and Curtis. Each of them are driving a stake down into the chest of the vampire that they were hunting. The look of shock and fear on the vampire's faces is quite unsettling and if you look at the painting long enough it appears as if the scene is playing in front of your eyes in slow motion. You look away and blink, an after image floating in your vision for a few seconds until it dissipates, the tingle down your spine a reminder of how much of a coward you were!!! (You know who you are) The ones who did the slaying, however, feel triumph and adreniline as they gaze upon it.

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<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> First few lines of this is basically what happened near the end of the session last night lol Edit: I am not referring to the barage of "la da"s either.
That was an epic vampire fight last night. However i think thea and my one two punch on fancy man vampire dude was worth its own painting being that it saved narals life. And also the epic sacrifice of my precious raise dead spell to release marcus was pretty legit too.
Kevin the Barbarian
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Maaaaaaaaan, I wish I didn't have to leave when I did last night. I was all mentally prepared to be level drained to get those things off of us. Sounds like everyone barely made it out.
Yeah, but we did, and I thought of painting Virez exploding first Rich, but changed my mind you exploding Vamps is awesome, we need more clerics with raise dead.
FYI: Actual artwork will be rewarded with gold.
I will get right on that maybe, I am a pretty terrible artist in real life, Na'Ral has a gift though.
Kevin the Barbarian
Sheet Author
API Scripter
He didn't say it had to be good!
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Here it is guys, the best I got.
I realize there was a table and stuff, but was keeping it simple
A little bit too accurate for my taste Jesse, but amusing none-the-less. For those who left early, this is exactly how I drew the room on the map, but viewed from the side. Good work! 250gp for the effort.
Thanks, it was pretty fun :)
-5gp Ondraedon is wielding a sword. Get it right man!

Edited 1426810625
Freddy B. said: -5gp Ondraedon is wielding a sword. Get it right man! Those are Octagons. The deadliest of edged weapons.
lol those are stakes