While in his heart, he wishes to help his friends continue plunging stakes into vampires and furthering the light of Krotus he knows his time has come to bid Whaletown goodbye. He packs up the things he's collected over the last several months and says his goodbyes. After a short prayer beseeching his deity to aid his companions in their quest to eradicate the undead and rescue their captive, he steps through the portal to Durthos knowing he may never see Whaletown again. OOC: Last night was the last Wednesday that I can make it for a while. See some of you on the Friday games (although not this one). I realize Gorg has that +3 hammer of dwarven awesomeness. I would like to roll off for that, somehow. I could probably show up to a Wed session for a few minutes to do that or do it on a Friday.