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Sort Token Actions

Is there a way to sort the Token Action tool bar? I can reorder the Macro bar but I can't figure out how to change the order of the token actions. Can I do it , am I missing something or is it not possible at this time? Thanks in advance
Stephen Koontz
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It isn't possible to sort the Token Action bar.
Can you tell me how it selects the order? It seems kind of random, but if not, maybe I can get it to make sense to me.
The Aaron
API Scripter
In my experience, provided you don't have any macros as token actions, the Token Action bar will be in the same order as the abilities in the attributes and abilities section of a character.
Well, I have one macro set as a token action and the order of the abilities token actions are all over the place. I will remove that one and see if it changes anything
There are times though if you have more than ~10 the order shifts weirdly and is not the same as the order that they appear in the attributes and abilities tab, but you can fix it by simply moving one (and then if applicable moving it back).
Yeah, I just got it straightened out. Adding in a macro as a token action messes it up a little, but moving one and moving it back puts everything in order.
In my experience it uses an odd amalgamation of the order they apear in the abilities list and the order you enabled them as token actions. Additionally if you are the player and not the GM, your token actions will reset to their default order if your GM looks at your charactersheet while you have it open. And if your a player o GM it will reset if your character sheet is updated by its creator.
I will just leave the macros out of the token actions for now. It's a shame because there are a couple macros I would like up top, but it's more important for the players to have things in an order that makes sense to them.
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Like you i have some global macros and some token abilities... i was tempted to mess about and try to get them in a logical order but in the end i decided 'screw em, i spend hours each week setting up their fun, making their life easier and generally pulling my hair out over tiny details' and let them deal with having to read stuff. Best decision i ever made, make them work for a change ;) or at least until there are handlebars to rearrange them...
At least in the games that I have run, any macro in the Token Action bar seems to be sorted in some sort of odd alpha order. Since I only use the macro via the token action bar, I prepended the macro names with periods(.) and colons (:) to group certain macros together when sorted in Alpha order. Not perfect but it's the best I've been able to come up with. Of course your mileage my vary if you try that method.
As Ed S, pointed out, Abilities display in the order they are made, newest being to the left. (IE: when you Add an ability, it shows up as the left-most button. By changing the order of the abilities on your Character Journal, they will match the order on the Token Action bar. The trick to remember is that you have to have moved them at least once. ie: If I just added an ability, I need to drag it between others and move it back down for it to properly show at the end of the list.
If you use Global Macros set as Token Actions combined with Abilities Macros set as Token Actions then all bets are off as far as setting them in a particular order. This is known to the powers that be.