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[LFGame] Classic world of Darkness


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I'm looking for a Classic World of Darkness game, primarily in the Vampire or Garou gaming circles. I have a lingering interest towards Changeling and even the Asian vampires, I'd even be game to play a Hunter game. But the main two I'm after remains the same. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings (12AM UK time, -4/5 hours EST, so between 7-8EST) are my free days, if curious I'll fill you in on what I'm doing on the days I'm not free, all involving games here. Times changed to Thursdays and Sundays . I have little to no interest in New World of Darkness; either character archetypes have been ruined, changed fundamentally or broke in some manner that I simply can't agree with. I've seen plenty of Nwod games up in the LFG tool search, they do not interest me. I'm not the most experienced player, I will hound the GM with ideas and such. Questions of intellect and randomess will be included, do not expect normal people. WoD is about the none-normal people. At least to me that's what it's about. If you want more, just ask. Looking forward to some hits.
Very much still looking, this forum section moves faster than anticipated.
Giving myself a bump, since I'm still looking for Weekday games on the specified nights.
ID love to , but i have little to no interest in GMing.
BUMP. Still looking for games; got an itch that isn't getting scratched!
I have a Friday night Wraith game that just had one of our players drop out. It's act ually more than just Wraith but if you wanna hear the pitch for that send a PM. We actually haven't started yet so if you respond early you won't be jumping into the middle of anything yet.
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Jeff said: <DELETED> You have taken this thread off-topic and that is a violation of our Code of Conduct . Please create your own LFG thread to advertise your games. Additionally, be certain you are advertising games for play on Roll20.
Original posting changed, Sunday and Thursdays are my days that I am able to play now. I request anyone who may have massive walls of text or are hosting games elsewhere - to send me that information via a private message instead of derailing my post to your game, thank you.