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Centering Tokens on Hex Grid Intersections

I'm converting my 4e campaign from the standard square grid to a hex grid, since I've always vastly preferred hex, especially with the 4e attack types (blasts are actually conal rather than squares and bursts are actually circular). The problem I'm getting is in monster tokens of even unit dimensions (i.e. 2x2 for a square grid). Whenever I've run a hex game in the past, "Large" tokens, that in the square grid took up 4 squares, take up 3 hexes, which meant that their center needed to be placed on the intersection of the 3 hexes they occupy. As it stands, I've only been able to place tokens at the center of a hex, which means that Large and Huge tokens paradoxically take up the same amount of space on the grid. Is there any way to get a token on a hex grid to be centered on a grid intersection (which is already done in the square grid for similar sized tokens) rather than in the center of a specific hex?
Forum Champion
Hold Alt when moving a token to turn off the snap to grid function. :) - Gauss
You just improved my life a whole lot. Thanks, Gauss.
Well, the issue isn't that I can't place them in different locations (I figured out the "don't have it snap" thing after playing around with it for a little while) but rather determining how to get them to snap to a different location than what it normally snaps to (the intersection rather than the explicit hex). Is it even possible to change where tokens snap as it stands now? If it isn't, it would be nice to be able to flip a binary and choose to have a token snap to the closest intersection of hexes rather than the hex itself or even change the "center" of the token for the purposes of where it snaps to (i.e. move it half of a hex away from the normal center purely for display purposes).
Forum Champion
Kitru, at the moment no, you cannot snap to a different location. Perhaps you can post this in the suggestion forum. :) - Gauss