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Macros now incorrectly combining separate template tables

Just a few days ago something changed about how roll20 processes templates within macros that broke some functionality. It used to be that a macro could output distinct template tables within the same macro if they were separated by a newline. &{template:default} {{name=Table1}} {{Value1=a}} &{template:default} {{name=Table2}} {{Value2=b}} Would output correctly: But something changed very recently, because as of last night all of these macros were broken and now show the following incorrect output: Note that Table2 first overwrites the heading of Table1, and then all of the unique values are combined into this second table. This is a serious setback for macros as you can imagine. So was this changed intended or truly a bug? And if this was intended, what is the new recommended method to output distinct tables from a single macro call? Thanks!
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Hi, this could be linked to the recent fix to allow line breaks in templates... I'd bet my campaign that the devs are already on it (but can't speak for them officially under the code of conduct i agreed to <-- disclaimer). Please see Riley's response and Ed's follow up reply in this thread for more details.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was freaking out as to why the macros I spent the entire weekend building suddenly stopped working.
This also occurs when trying to use multiple %{character|ability} commands in the same macro (I tried to combine an attack and skill check into a roll and they merged into one table named whatever the second table was) or causes them to not work at all (I tried to place several skill checks in one macro and it only worked for whatever the last skill check was). Both of these in Pathfinder, if it matters.
This should be fixed now (the multiple roll template bug). Sean if this doesn't fix your issue please file a new bug report with more details. Thanks!
The issue appears resolved Riley. Thank you.
The issue has been fixed. Thanks Riley!
Yipee! Everything is awesome! Sorry for that