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[Roll Templates] Expand Functionality of the Default Roll Template

Proposal: I am proposing that the default roll template functionality be greatly increased. Rationale: The default roll template is a very powerful feature because it allows players and GMs to create macros with arbitrary property names. This is currently not possible with the templates provided by character sheets. If you want to extend an existing character sheet template, you cannot add your own property names. If you try, they are silently ignored. Consider the trying to extend the following DnD5e roll template: &{template:5eDefault} {{title=Title}} {{subheader=Subheader left}} {{subheaderright=Subheader right}} {{custom_value=[[d4]]}} Note that custom_value was silently ignored. This limits how players and GMs can expand the game with house rules, custom abilities or weapons, etc. Also, players and GMs that move between different game types (DnD5e, Patherfinder, etc...) will always have the default roll template available. Specific Ideas: I propose that the built in property names of the default template roll template be expanded so that players and GMs have more visual options available for this general purpose template. Some specific suggestions: Border color Font color Subheaders Border style Font Background style Background color Title bar background color An example syntax for the update: &{template:default} {{name=Title}} {{backgroundcolor=blue}} {{custom_value=[[d4]]}}
The custom tags will work if you include a terminator tag to your template. Something like @{selected|classactioncustom1skill}. If you don't want to be required to have a token selected then replace "selected" with a character name in your campaign. &{template:5eDefault} {{title=Title}} {{subheader=Subheader left}} {{subheaderright=Subheader right}} {{custom_value=[[d4]]}} @{selected|classactioncustom1skill} becomes this Enjoy!
Thanks Ed! How did you find this out? Is this documented somewhere? What if you wanted to use the 5eDefault template to do a roll that is not associated with a token? Is there anyway to do this? It seems this also works if you append @{selected|classactionmeleeweapon}. I'm trying to figure out exactly what the terminator tags mean in this context.
Unfortunately the Wiki has not been updated since the Update of Holding Release, but there is a ton of good info in this thread dnd-5e-update-of-holding-release
This would still be incredibly useful for a lot of games that don't have custom templates built in. In a similar vein, I wish the more advanced template features, like the ones that let you hide fields based on results, were available to the roll templates. One example where this would be useful is for characters that have custom on crit effects. You can't include those sorts of effects in a built-in template, because it's impossible to know which ones will be active in advance, but it's somewhat messy to have them always showing up.

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I am going to resurrect interest in this proposal. Many of the specific suggestions mentioned above would be great but in particular the ability to modify the size of the font of each row. I created a Roll Template with each row being the result of a rollable table. The rollable table outputs random descriptions for NPCs or organizations. After 5 or 6 rows of information the outputted template becomes larger than the chat window. So maybe something like: &{template:default |small } {{name=NPC Description}} where  |small  would be the option for "small font" |blue would be the option for "blue font" Perhaps a dozen or so options would give a GM the flexibility to tweak the Default template.
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