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Variable Snap Locations (for Hex Grids)

So I've been converting my 4ed game into hex and discovered that the only way to viably position tokens of previously even unit width (2x2, 4x4) is to alt-tab and prevent snapping, which gets annoying when you end up having to do it every time. Without doing so, whenever it snaps, what was previously a 2x2 ends up taking up the same number of hexes as what a 3x3 does and a 4x4 takes up pretty much the same area as a 5x5. My suggestion would be to allow either a binary that causes a token to snap to intersections rather than center squares or allow for a custom setting on tokens to give them a display offset so as to appear to the side (one-half hex would be enough) of the hex that it actually "occupies" (whichever one is easier to implement depends upon the specific implementation of token location storage/assumption on the back end). This would allow for better conversion to and from hex based grids and allow for more unit size capability within hex grids.
Leif Egil R.
KS Backer
Well, for games like Settlers, snapping to line would be beneficial... :-)  Or
+1 - any and all improvements to the hex grids would be greatly appreciated.