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Need Graphics Help

Hopefully i am posting this in the correct place. I am trying to import the map tiles for Star Wars: Imperial assault. Each map tile has a "puzzle piece" that helps it connect to other pieces. After i scanned my pieces i am trying to crop out the image to use here in Roll20. I can only get the image to be square. In Photoshop/image ready/MS can i crop the JPG so it will be the exact shape of the tile? I don't want it square/rectangle because then you see line/spaces that are not part of the map tile. Please Help. Rob
you can scan them as PNG files with transparent back grounds, they will still be rectangles, but will show the appendage and not interfere with the graphics on the other tile when fit together. Warning: they will take a lot more memory to be PNGs, but if it is important to you that will work.
Hey Rob, I can't help with the solution although I've done something very close to what Al e. is describing in the past and it worked very well. I'd love to see some screenshots once you have the tiles uploaded? I've been trying to decided if Imperial Assault on roll20 is worth the effort.
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Al is right. You want to make the unseen area with "transparency" and must save as PNG format to retain the transparency. (Saving as JPEG makes the transparent parts go solid white).
The Aaron
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Just to make things easier, you'll want to make your graphic so that it is sized on a grid with a 1 Unit transparent border all the way around that the puzzle bits intrude onto. That will make it easy for you to scale and put together on the Roll20 table.
I did my first couple of test pieces and the PNG file was 20 that is not going to work. I am thinking of connecting two pieces then cropping right through the middle of the "male" and "female" parts (so to speak). Si...I will have no problem sharing the actual tile files once i do it. It may be a few weeks though before i get around to all that scanning and cropping.
The Aaron
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I'm afraid sharing the tiles would constitute piracy of the artwork from the game. So don't do that. 20 megs seems excessive for those tiles. The largest I saw on a brief search of the internet was about a 8x8 grid. For maps, they needn't be any larger than 70px per square. That's 313,600 pixels. Even as a full uncompressed image, it shouldn't be much bigger than 1,254,400 bytes / 1.2megs. Probably you are scanning these in at 1200dpi, giving you effectively 1200px per square, or 17x larger than needed. If you're working on these in the GIMP, you can go to Image->Scale Image and change it. Probably the resolution will be 1200.000 pixels/in. Just change that to 70 and everything should be kosher. (I like to set my inches to 70 in the GIMP when making artwork for roll20 as it means I can deal with tile dimensions by setting the units to inches. )
I scanned all the tiles for the first tutorial board. Actually came out nicely. I made sure that each piece had another piece connected to it. Then I just cropped it out so you don't notice the puzzle piece connectors. So scanning and then sharing the scanned images of the game board would be piracy? that sucks.
The Aaron
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It is what it is. You could contact the company that makes the game and see if they will give you permission to distribute their artwork, but don't hold your breath.