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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Thinking of running a game based in the buffyverse. Any takers? Based on the RPG
The Unisystem RPG? I might be interested, but my schedule is crazy
Depending on the day/time I am VERY interested. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Buffyverse and have been wanting a game where I can explore it. :)
I really enjoyed the TV series back in the day, and am interested in getting in on the game; as long as I'm not "the Zeppo". Day and time are important too but I'm pretty open. I happen to own both Buffy and Angel core books and both of the series on DVD so, yeah, I'm a fan-boy but not a fanatic. Feel free to drop me a PM and we can chat a bit. I'm really interested in hearing what kind of stories and ideas you have for the game. Thanks for your time --MIke

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I played in a monster of the week apocalypse world mod that was very Buffy. Depending on day/time I'd be interested. Like Mike, I loved the show, and Angel, too. I love pretty much everything Joss has done, to be honest. We mixed a little xfiles and supernatural in with the monster of the week, but straight Buffy would be fun too, I bet!
I would be interested, but it depends on what day and time the game is held on.
color me interested too. I relly am intereted to play it, but I have a problem. I can't make it a voie game