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Looking for 2 more for Pathfinder Campaign [Beginners Preferred!]

I have had a Few people drop out of my campaign due to their schedule I'm looking for 2 more players. Since I am a new GM and our players are pretty new to Pathfinders we would like to get some more people with little experience so we can all learn together! We just ran the Price of Immortality arc and are moving on to The Rise of the Runelords. I'm just running Adventure paths for now. We also like to Roleplay so and I'm Trying to add as much role playing opportunities in to the campaign as I can. If you are interested here what you need to roll up! Roll up a Level 1 character Roll your stats by rolling 4d6 and drop the lowest die Standard gold The Classes We already have A wizard A Rouge A Fighter A Barbarian We are just about to finish the last tiny bit of our current arc and about to start a Big one so now is the perfect time to join! Also I forgot We play Every Friday 8pm Central and end some where around 12am Central and thats pretty set in stone so make sure that time works for you
Time, timezone, date, frequency? Any links to notes or any material from the current arc to give us a taste of what we're signing up for? I'm free Wednesday and Thursday evening EST, from about 6pm-midnight.
Can you post your schedule? I'm interested :)
We just ran the Price of Immortality arc and are moving on to The Rise of the Runelords. I'm just running Adventure paths for now. I added the Schedule in the OP.
If you and your players are going to be new to Pathfinder why on earth would you start them at level 4 and deprive them of the thrill of accomplishment of really developing a character.
^^ yeah that makes since Thank you for the input!
Race restrictions? just core? or are we allowed the featured from the race guide?
Need one more?
I would be willing to join, i'm a bit more experienced then you requested but the timezone works for me, i'm in EST so i'm an hour ahead. Also, i have a fighter not for taking damage (tank) but for DPS (damage). If you want to talk send me your email or skype name. Also it's going to be a 3.5 campaign correct?
I am also EST, making a cleric right now for healing
Hmmm, looks like I'm a bit late to join the party... Just curious, what books/resources are allowed?
I am very interested in playing, if there's room. Doesn't matter what class. I'll pick up whatever's left.
I'm interested, I have a PFS Alchemist (level 1) character but I'm open to creating a new character if need be.
Im interested in playing on a regular basis when needed, druid is my class
I have never played pathfinders but have wanted to for a while if you'd want me =D As for class I'm up for pretty much anything.
Don't suppose you're looking for any new players eh? I'd love to pop my PF Cherry with roll20. :)
Is there any room left? If so, I'd like to try a monk Master of Many Styles.
We have one spot left! Our newest player is a bard
Im joining, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Welcome Zach! We will play next friday I will pm you with details
great! see you then!
still have two spots open?
oh and are you hosting right now?
I just filled my two spots!