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Intro to GMing session(s); Interest check. This Mon/Tue/Wed EST

This is mostly a spur of the moment idea, because I've seen a lot of discussion on the lack of GMs available for the player count, and the need for players to step up and take the role of GM to make their own groups. However, doing this means learning a specific set of skills, and that takes a lot of time and trial-and-error to figure out. So, I figure I'll offer to help out where I can. What I had in mind was basically a one-shot game, possibly more than one session, but not a full campaign. The concept is geared towards new GMs, but not necessarily new players (I would never recommend anyone try GMing before becoming familiar with their relevant ruleset as a player). WHEN: That depends on interest. Currently I have tonight (Monday), Tuesday and Wednesday free. The time would be around 6PM EST at earliest, and I don't mind going late. WHAT SYSTEM: I'm most familiar with Pathfinder and D&D 3.5/4E, but I'll be adding D&D 5E to my repetoire sometime soon. I just haven't had enough time with the system and running games in it to teach it to anyone. We'll be sticking with Pathfinder for this, but I don't plan on it being a "learn the system" thing. It will be about GMing, with advice applicable to any system. WHO SHOULD PLAY: New GMs or players very much interested in picking up the mantle of GM. Current GMs who are struggling or just want a new perspective on the craft. HOW: We'll be playing via Skype and Roll20, obviously. Everyone should come with a microphone and be prepared to ask questions. Bear in mind, this is still speculative. If people are interested, let me know here. Leave a Skype name for contact (or PM it to me), as well as which day you'll be available this week of the three I have set aside. If there's enough interest right away, then I'll get everything started as soon as I can.
I was looking for a one shot for tonight. But if this is an option that's cool too. I've DMed in the past but I have a hard time coming up with more stuff for my players to do. Stresses me out, so I would love to join in on this. I'm available tonight at 530 central at earliest. My Skype is: key-keepr
My Skype handle is ampzaphrix, and I'm available Mondays or Wednesdays in the afternoon or evening EST.
Also, if people wouldn't mind, please let me know what your general experience level is and what kind of things you'd like covered specifically, so I can prepare. I don't know if I have to, but I feel like I really should stress that this is not just an easy one-shot for people who want to play a game. This is intended to be a forum for new GMs to ask questions, learn techniques, and hopefully get a better understanding of the different ways of running a game so they can find their unique style.
I am fairly interested in this proposal. I should however inform you that my timezone is a bit hard to pull off to join actively. I am gmt+1, and the later it gets the harder it is for myself to use my microphone. However, i very much like the idea. Should you ever start one early, or in the weekends (maybe i can make it work regardless, but that's hard to say on the spot), I would love to join. I have a lot of experience playing 4E, with minor experience GM'ing it. I'm not confident enough yet to dm on roll 20 (partially because i don't know what the expectancy or quality average is here), but this might just get me started.
Just to edit on my post. I have a very small amount of experience DMing Dungeon world and pathfinder. My biggest problem being coming up with things for the party to do that connect. As well as the small intricate rules that tend to really slow down combat.
If you ever decide to do one of these for 4E... I am primarily interested in designing balanced encounters with multiple goals but not forcing a solution onto players. Obviously, the trick would be to do this while also making the encounter interesting. But anyway, this is a great idea, and I wish you luck.
I would like to throw my hat into the ring as a Teacher. I have played on roll 20 over the last 2 or so years as a DM, played alot as a DM in my early twenties and more as a player as a teen. I consider myself a experienced GM and would be happy to teach others what i have picked up over the years. my skype is treetop_san feel free to add me and specify that you are adding me for GM stuff so i can mark a note on your name. i get alot of adds over time and the names all blend together.
even for just one on one Q & A, anything to increase the # of GMs is good in my book.