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Looking for a Pathfinder GM for Paid Weekly (GMT-5 Saturday afternoon) Game


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Jason H.
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EDIT: We've filled the spot, thanks for the interest. The Pitch I'm excited about Hell's Rebels coming from Paizo in August, and would like to play through that campaign. I have no doubt that there will be a number of campaigns starting at that time to play it, but experience tells me a lot of them are going to end prematurely/badly. As such, I'm looking for GMs interested in running a campaign for a group of responsible adults. I am paying the DM for their time prepping and running the campaign, but will be responsible for gathering and wrangling the players. We're a good group and have fun so this will be like being paid to enjoy yourself for the right GM. Details The fee would be paid in a per-week format; amount, method, and terms subject to negotiation. I will buy the AP for the DM, and pay for roll20 membership for the duration of the game so they have access to dynamic lighting, etc. The game will run weekly with rational allowances for holidays and other RL issues as they come up. For the right DM with time to run something now, we could run a Season of PFS or a shorter AP under the same agreement (I'd buy it for you, etc.). Ideally we would run the game for 3-5 hours, GMT-5 (US Eastern time) Saturday afternoons. The players will stick to a more-or-less Pathfinder Society set of character creation rules, and expect the game to be run without house rules unless we can all agree to them. I'm not paying you to softball (or murderball) the content; just run it like it's written and let the chips fall where they may. If you can match the map's grid to the roll20 grid, great, but otherwise we'll do it with just the map's grid to avoid headaches. If you do voices, etc., that's awesome, but I don't require any acting ability from the DM. About Us We're a group of people who met playing Pathfinder on roll20 and stayed in touch after the campaigns ended. We're all experienced Pathfinder players / working adults who enjoy tactical combat, the occasional use of adult language, and laughs. Hopefully, you are too.
We're still looking for someone! It's a great group of players, if I do say so myself. We all have similar playstyles and have been in games together before so we know we all get along well together. There will be no inter-party drama as we all generally have the same playstyle.
I'd do it for free if I didn't work Saturdays.
Y'know, I'd actually be pretty down for that, assuming you don't mind me taking my time to get used to the DM features. I've got 12 years of tabletopping experience under my belt that started with me running AD&D, so I'm pretty confident in my GM skills. Additionally, I'm fairly well-versed in the mechanics of Pathfinder and kind of a setting nerd for some games(which means that Hell yes I'll learn Golarion). So long as you're willing to pay for the content I'll be happy to discuss things with you. My Skype handle is ampzaphrix, we can discuss there.
Alright, I'll bite. What's the offer in terms of payment?
We're still accepting applications! Those of you that have been contacted so far, this doesn't mean you're out of the running, it just means that we're wanting to do our due diligence to insure that we find the right person for our group.
Heya! My skype is ferelonshaderoot. Message me when you can
We've found our GM. Thanks to everyone who applied.
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Since this thread is no longer requiring replies I will close it. OP please PM me if you would prefer it to remain open for any reason. Thanks